Graeme Souness claims Bruno Fernandes wouldn’t last five minutes in his dressing room

“Who do you think you are?”

Graeme Souness is clearly not a fan of Bruno Fernandes’ tendency to voice his anger to his teammates when things don’t play out how he hopes.

Fernandes is the first to admit that he demands the most of his teammates but he has been accused of petulance on occasion for his reaction to certain moments when things don’t go to plan.

The Portuguese playmaker has been known to throw his hands up in exasperation if he doesn’t receive the ball when he calls for it and he is not shy to voice his disapproval to teammates.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville discussed that trait of Fernandes’ on Saturday and now former Liverpool midfielder Souness has had his say.

“He’s an exceptionally talented boy, there is so much to like about him. He’s a great striker of the ball, when he shoots he makes the goalkeeper work,” Souness said on ITV.

Graeme Souness on Bruno Fernandes

“I played with players that would not be accepting of the thing you just touched on, you know he doesn’t get the ball and he is waving his hands around.

“He would not have lasted more than five minutes in my dressing room but he is a wonderfully talented boy.”

There was plenty of frustration on show from Fernandes on Saturday, when Portugal suffered a 4-2 defeat to Germany in their second game at Euro 2020.

When asked if Fernandes’ petulance could be perceived as a disruption for the team, Souness suggested that it comes across as more of a sense that the 26-year-old believes he is entitled to more than his teammates.

Souness explained: “It would be more along the lines of, ‘who do you think you are?’ We play as a team, we win together, we lose together.

“Sometimes you will make a bad pass, sometimes you will not see the whole picture.

“So all that nonsense, shaking your head and waving your arms at your own teammates is a no-no for me.”

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