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‘They are scavengers’ – Gary Neville issues scathing assessment of Glazer family

Gary Neville

Monday Night Football was always going to be unmissable this week as Gary Neville was drafted in to tear into the proposal for a European Super League.

From the moment plans were announced, Gary Neville was one of the most vocal figures to condemn the proposal for 12 football clubs to form their own competition independent from Uefa’s Champions League.

Among the six Premier League clubs involved in the proposal were Manchester United, who withdrew from the European Club Association and whose Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward stepped down from his role with Uefa.

Ed Woodward

Neville joined Jamie Carragher on a particularly passionate edition of Monday Night Football this week when he did what he seldom does by criticising United’s owners, the Glazer family.

Neville called for unity among all football fans and analysts to ensure that the proposal does not get over the line which, according to the United legend, would make a mockery of everything that football stands for.

“It’s difficult not to get emotional and feel sick but, honestly, you’ve got to write to your MPs and your local football clubs,” Neville said on Sky Sports.

“Everybody’s got to come behind this. Pundits for BBC, ITV, BT Sport – forget allegiances, forget who you support. We have got to come together to stop this proposal.

“This is an attack on everything that’s been important in this country. Football has helped, in the last 10 months in the midst of a pandemic, more than ever to keep people going. And they’re trying to take it away from us.

Gary Neville

“I feel slightly complicit. I’ve stayed pretty quiet in terms of the Glazer family over the years and I stayed pretty quiet because I thought when the club was taken over as a PLC that you knew it could be bought and it was out of the control of players, fans and everybody.

“I believe in a free market, generally in life. And I’ve always thought what’s the answer to the Glazers. Who takes them out? Russia? China? State money? For the £2 billion or £3 billion it would need.

“I stayed quiet on the basis that it’s still Manchester United. I can still go watch the lads play. I can be happy and I can be sad. I’m still watching football in this country. If they take dividends out, alright, I can live with it slightly.

“But what I can’t live with is attacking every single football fan in this country. They have stepped over the mark. They are scavengers and they need booting out of this football club and booting out of this country.

“We have got to come together now. It might be too late. There’ll be people at Manchester United, fans who were arguing 15 years ago that it was too late. It’s never too late. We have got to stop this. It’s absolutely critical that we do!”

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