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‘Maybe It’s A Bit Extreme What I’d Like To Happen’ – Chris Wilder Responds To McGoldrick Abuse


Chris Wilder stopped short of revealing the type of severe punishment he would like to see handed down to the person who racially abused striker David McGoldrick last weekend.

Sheffield United and Republic of Ireland striker McGoldrick posted an Instagram direct message sent to him which contained disgusting racist language and an investigation is underway to identify and punish the perpetrator.

Sheffield United manger, Chris Wilder, has now commented on the situation and while he wouldn’t specifically state what he would like to see happen, he revealed that he is hoping for the “severest of punishment.”

“It is concerning. It’s incredible that these things are still happening,” said Wilder. “We’ve all had abuse to some degree in the business we work in but it doesn’t make it right, it’s ridiculous.

“Nobody has the right to abuse anybody in any way, shape or form and it needs to be dealt with properly and the severest of punishment needs to be handed out so we can try to eradicate all this.

“I’m a believer in education but there has to be a price to pay for the people who think they can do this. Maybe it’s a bit extreme what I’d like to happen, and I’ll leave those opinions to myself but hopefully the authorities can take it forward and deal with it.”

McGoldrick’s example of being racially abused on social media followed an incident involving Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha, who publicised racist messages being sent to him over the weekend which resulted in a 12-year-old boy being arrested.

Wilder complimented McGoldrick and Zaha for coming forward with the racially abusive messages and the Blades boss was glowing in his praise of his centre-forward.

“I’ve always said regarding social media that I’m not the biggest fan of it but I understand the importance of it,” Wilder continued.

“But more has to be done by the people who power these media outlets to work in conjunction with the police and authorities to do something about these people who feel they have the power to go online and abuse people.

“People cant stay silent and I’m not surprised David and Wilf have flagged it up and they have been very brave in what they are doing and they should have every bit of support.

“Knowing what David is like as a player and person I know he’ll be deeply disappointed and he has mine and the players and the football club’s full support.

“He is a great guy and a fabulous footballer and most importantly a great human being to work with.”

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