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Bruno Fernandes claims Paul Scholes was better than Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes has weighed in on the Scholes vs. Gerrard vs. Lampard debate with an opinion that will prove popular among Manchester United supporters.

Unsurprisingly, Bruno Fernandes has revealed that he considers Paul Scholes the best of that trio of former England midfielders.

Scholes brought a premature end to his international career after being played out of position a number of times to accommodate the likes of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard but, for Fernandes, Scholes was the superior central midfielder.

“I think Scholes was one of the best midfielders in the world,” Fernandes said on the Utd Podcast.

Bruno Fernandes

“For England, a lot of people talk about Frank Lampard because he scored a lot of goals of course, one of the best in England too, you have Steven Gerrard too.

“But I think Scholes is the one who makes more difference than anyone else.

“And before everyone starts talking about this, I haven’t seen every midfielder in England.

“But I think in the last generation, those three were the three best ones, and for me Scholes was best.”

Paul Scholes

Fernandes has been compared to Scholes due to the Portuguese playmaker’s ability to drive United forward and chip in with goals.

Fernandes admits that he didn’t see a lot of Scholes when growing up but he became a huge fan of the United legend after seeing footage of what Scholes was capable of on the pitch.

“Maybe I’m closer to Paul Scholes than the rest of them,” Fernandes explained. “Scholes was a guy who likes to be in the box, who likes to give an assist, who likes to score a lot of goals.

“I remember when we were about to play Club Brugge last season, and I was in the dining room with Fred.

“On the television they were playing all Paul Scholes’ goals in a Manchester United shirt. We had eaten, but we just stayed there to watch all of those goals of his.

Paul Scholes

“It was funny because I was talking to Fred, and I said to him, ‘You see what Paul Scholes is doing, you need to be more closer to the goal, because if not, you will never score.’ And then Fred, in that game, he scored twice!

“I appreciate Scholes a lot but maybe because, at that time for me in Portugal, when Scholes was playing at his best level, it was difficult for us to see English football. After watching a video of Paul Scholes, I knew he was a player who scored a lot of goals.”

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