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‘You’ve bottled it!’ – Jamie Carragher slates Gary Neville for MNF argument

Gary Neville

Monday Night Football made for incredible viewing on Monday evening as Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville revealed the England squad they would take to the European Championships.

The discussion began early in the programme as Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher spoke about Gareth Southgate’s options, with the most heated comments reserved for the right-back conundrum.

Much has been made about Trent Alexander-Arnold’s omission from the most recent England squad and Neville was asked what the argument was for not taking the Liverpool right-back to the Euros.

Neville explained why Southgate may prefer other players in a position that is hotly contested in the England set-up but, later in the show, the Manchester United legend named Alexander-Arnold in his squad.

That didn’t sit well with Carragher.

“You’ve gone for Trent? You’ve bottled it! You argued for this at the beginning,” Carragher said in disbelief.

“You’ve turned at the last minute. You argued for Kieran Trippier!

“You said at the start that Kieran Trippier is the best at playing wing-back and has got the best set-piece delivery.”

Neville compared Carragher to Donald Trump and Boris Johnson for his boisterous reaction to his selections.

In an attempt to clarify his earlier comments, Neville explained that he’d compiled his squad hours before the show began.

Neville responded: “You asked me the question before the show, ‘Why would Gareth not want to take Trent?’ so I then gave the reasons why he would be looking at Trippier or Walker as being better options.

“I would take Trent Alexander-Arnold and have done since lunchtime. He [Carragher] knows that. It’s like being with Boris Johnson, he just shouts really loudly and everyone thinks, ‘Is he telling the truth? He might be telling the truth.'”

Trent Alexander Arnold

The pair then went back and forth, with Neville insisting that he was explaining what Southgate would likely be thinking and Carragher hitting back by asking how his fellow pundit would know what Southgate was thinking.

“Am I missing something here?” Neville asked host Dave Jones after Carragher again refused to accept his explanations.

“I like Kieran Trippier but I would pick Trent Alexander-Arnold over Kieran Trippier. I was asked before why I thought Gareth Southgate would pick Trippier and Walker over Alexander-Arnold and I gave my answers. I stand by them. Watch it back!

“However, I would pick Trent Alexander-Arnold with Kyle Walker. But if it was game number one, against Croatia and Ivan Perisic is left winger, I would pick Walker at right-back. I wouldn’t pick Trent Alexander-Arnold. Definitely not.”

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