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Ex-United ‘keeper explains how Mason Greenwood p***es goalkeepers off

Mason Greenwood

Ben Foster has revealed how Mason Greenwood often pisses goalkeepers off by getting shots away before ‘keepers can even set themselves for the strike.

Comparing Mason Greenwood to Premier League legend Jermain Defoe, Ben Foster explained how the promising Manchester United forward is a nightmare for opposition goalkeepers.

Foster, who played for United between 2005 and 2010, didn’t feature in Watford’s FA Cup clash against the Red Devils on Saturday but Greenwood’s goal against him last season still lingers in his memory.

Speaking to, Foster explained: “United have some really talented forwards in today’s team too, and the one that stands out is Mason Greenwood. A massive thing for a striker, which pisses a goalkeeper off more than anything, is where they shoot without you even thinking they’re about to kick it.

“They’re running with it and suddenly, with no backlift, BANG, like Jermain Defoe… They pull it out of nowhere and catch the keeper by surprise. Greenwood has got that, but with both feet as well, which is special.

“He cannot only kick it really well and really hard with both feet, but he’s so accurate, too. For a young lad to be able to do that at that age is very, very promising. The goal he scored against me last season was a thing of beauty. He just took it down and BANG, goal. I was thinking: ‘Woah. Fair enough. Fair dos lad.’ I’ve played the game a long time and there’s not many players who can do that.”

Mason Greenwood

Watford’s Foster honed his skills against some of United’s greatest-ever forwards and while he made just 23 appearances for the Red Devils, he is able to appreciate the incredible goalscoring talent of the legends who have passed through Old Trafford.

Foster also recalled how United and England legend Wayne Rooney would frequently get the better of him when they came up against each other.

“Certainly, I’ve come up against a lot of great United strikers over the last decade. Rooney, Berbatov, van Persie, Ibrahimovic, Lukaku,” Foster continued.

“They’re all quite different strikers when you think about the names. Rooney was everything, like an animal. He embodied everything about United. Van Persie was just a pure goalscorer – my God, he was a goalscorer, you just knew it was a goal when he had the ball – and Berbatov was lovely. Even in training he would sit you down. He’d come through one-on-one and you’d think: ‘ Shit, here we go. He’d go to shoot, fake, stop, you’d sit down, he’d just take the piss out of you and score. Proper legends.

“Rooney always managed to score past me, often with penalties, and because I obviously know Wayne, he would make a joke of it and take the piss and I would hate it. I was always second or third choice goalie for England, so I would have to do the practicing of penalties and free-kicks and so on. He’d always grab me for practice. You’d pick up a few tells from what he might do, then when it came to a match, he’d put it the opposite way!”

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