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Why Bayern Munich players’ names appear on bottom of shirts in Bundesliga

Bayern Munich players' name

It’s a question many have wondered – why do Bayern Munich players’ names appear on the bottom of their shirts sometimes?

In the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich players’ names appear on the bottom of their shirts on a weekly basis but, interestingly, that is not the case in European competition.

We’ve done some digging and established why there is a difference between how players’ names are displayed in domestic competition compared to the Champions League and Europa League.

Bayern Munich players' names

Firstly, it will come as no surprise that Bayern are not the only team to display players’ names underneath the squad number on the back of shirts.

While Bayern were the first to implement such a design, the majority of Bundesliga sides now have the team name above the number with the player name below the number.

Bayern Munich players' names

The thinking behind it, according to, is that the club should come before each player in all areas.

As of last season, 13 Bundesliga sides had the player names at the bottom of the jersey and the team names at the top as a symbol of the importance of the club – ‘club above player’.

You might be wondering why German clubs only display player names beneath the squad number in domestic competitions when they don’t do so in European games.

Bayern Munich players' names

And the answer is simple.

Article 11.03 of Uefa’s Equipment Regulations states that “when player names are displayed on shirts, they must be placed on the back of the shirt, above the number.”

To put it simply, Bayern Munich and many top Bundesliga sides place players’ names beneath the number to make it clear that the club is bigger than the player but Uefa won’t allow that symbolism as all teams must adhere to the rules of placing player names at the top of shirts.

Bayern Munich players' names

This came to light last year, when Leon Goretzka seemed to wear a Bundesliga shirt against Liverpool in the Champions League.

Uefa opened an investigation into the fact that Goretzka wore a jersey featuring a Bundesliga badge but, interestingly, his name was still at the top of his shirt as it should have been for European games.

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