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Richard Keys: At least 20 of Manchester United’s last 33 penalties are debatable

richard keys united penalties

“These two are serial offenders for me. These go over when you sneeze on them.”

It’s been almost ten years since Richard Keys and Andy Gray left Sky Sports after controversial remarks they made about assistant referee Sian Massey.

However, it hasn’t stopped the pair making headlines while working with beIN SPORTS over in Qatar.

Richard Keys Manchester United penalties.

Since the start of last season, in all competitions, Manchester United have been awarded 33 penalties, with just seven awarded against them.

Keys and Gray were speaking on beIN SPORTS and discussed the above statistics.

Keys said: “There is the evidence that rather supports my argument. I think it’s impossible that one team can be awarded [penalties] in that manner so often.”

Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial have earned seven of those spot-kicks each. Keys believes the both of them go down far too easy.

richard keys sky sports

He continued: “These two [Martial and Rashford] are serial offenders for me. These go over when you sneeze on them. And I’m a little surprised to see Bruno Fernandes only has two. I thought he would be more ‘successful’ than that.”

Andy Gray was inclined to agree with his colleague pointing out the “extraordinary amount of penalites” that United have been awarded.

Gray said: “So that’s a season in a half, 50 odd games. That’s more than a penalty every other game. It’s an extraordinary amount of penalties.”

“I’m guessing, and I don’t know, that it’s the likes of which we’ve never seen before. In that short of time, in less than a season in a half, 33 penalties have been given to your team.”

“There’s also a large chuck of those that are debatable.”

andy gray

Keys replied: “I would say 20 of those 33. It is something for me that needs to be looked at.

“Referees need to be more aware of and I think yesterday’s was a great example of it. They’re clever.”

Regarding VAR, Gray believes that the original decision would have stood, even if the referee had gone over to look at the pitch-side monitor.

The former Rangers striker said: “I guarantee you had they gone to the VAR and had Michael Oliver gone over and seen that again, he’d have still given the penalty. He wouldn’t have changed his mind.”

David May.

Former Manchester United defender David May, who made 118 appearances for the club, replied to the tweet.

May tweeted: “Keep boiling it lads.”

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