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Richard Dunne insists footballers don’t need social media

dunne mcclean

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“If social media is not working for you, why do you stay on it? I don’t think it’s a platform that footballers need.”

In the wake of James McClean speaking out about online abuse, Richard Dunne believes footballers shouldn’t put themselves through that by having a social media account.

Dunne has nothing but sympathy for his former international teammate McClean but doesn’t think social media is a platform that footballers need.

richard dunne

Richard Dunne

The former Republic of Ireland international was strong in his views regarding social media.

“I never got online abuse because I was never on social media. I’ve never had an account with Twitter or Instagram,” Dunne said in his Irish Independent column.

“I don’t have time for it, I have a life that I am happy to lead and I don’t feel the need to share every minute of my life with everyone else, so that exposure on social media never appealed to me for a second.

“I like walking my dog every day, I don’t need other people to ‘like’ the fact that I do that.”

dunne mcclean

While the former Manchester City defender expressed his compassion for McClean and the Stoke winger’s family, Dunne did wonder why footballers feel the need to have a social media account.

“I have nothing but sympathy for James McClean, and his family, for what he has been through. Not just this week, but over the last few years,” Dunne continued.

“But if social media is not working for you, why do you stay on it? I don’t think it’s a platform that footballers need.

dunne mcclean

“Social media can serve a purpose, but you also have bad people on it who are going to have a go at someone, whether that’s because they are black or gay or Irish or whatever their issue is, and footballers are easy targets.

“Not everyone online is going to like you, it’s inevitable that some people will be nasty to others online. And to me the simple answer is, don’t go on social media.

“I know it could be argued that doing that is giving in, letting the bullies and the nasty people win. But they do win every time they are highlighted in the media.”

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