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Jamie Carragher explains why Liverpool have dropped off this season

jamie carragher

“That’s why I find it a little bit hard, to be too critical of what I’m seeing at the minute.”

Jamie Carragher has analysed Liverpool’s 2018 Champions League final team and looked at the minutes played by each starter since then.

Carragher then studied the amount of Premier League minutes played by each player, with the vast majority hitting the high eighty per cents.

Jamie Carragher

The former Liverpool defender went through the ten outfield players and the intensity they’ve had to play at for the last three years.

“The team we’re going to look at now back in 2018, I think Liverpool are back at that stage where they need those three players to come back in again and give them that jolt,” Carragher said on Monday Night Football.

“How similar this team is to what Liverpool have today. That back four, it’s still the two full backs. Van Djik when he’s fit still plays. Dejan Lovren has moved on but Matip would have played that final if he was fit and Gomez was still at the club.

“The midfield two is still Jordan Henderson and Wijnaldum first-choice. James Milner’s played the last four or five games as well. That’s the one area where Liverpool did bring someone in, Fabinho.

“And then you’ve got the front three. So it’s still the same team, they’ve been together for three years.”

Premier League minutes

The Sky Sports pundit looked at the percentage of Premier League minutes played by each player since Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid.

“We now look at the percentage of Premier League minutes played from August 2018 and you look at the numbers,” Carragher continued.

“83 per cent Trent, 81 per cent Van Djik, 94 percent Robertson.

“Jordan Henderson had a couple of injuries, Wijnaldum rarely out and the front three very rarely get injured.

“So this is a team that has basically gone to the well for three years and produced unbelievable moments and trophies for this club.

“That’s why I find it a little bit hard, to be too critical of what I’m seeing at the minute.”

carragher liverpool

Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson had the highest percentage of Premier League minutes played with 94% in that period.

“I felt a little bit for Andy Robertson on that fourth goal yesterday,” Carragher stated.

“I was watching it in commentary and I’m thinking ‘that’s not Andy Robertson, that’s not quick enough. That’s not him.’

“We are talking about the most aggressive, intense full-back we’ve seen for the last three years. And it was almost physical and mental fatigue.”

jamie carragher


Therefore, Jamie Carragher is reluctant to be too critical as he believes Liverpool’s poor run of results have come from being on the road for three years, as opposed to any signs of complacency creeping in.

“So that’s why I wouldn’t be too critical,” Carragher explained.

“This is not an attitude thing, or a team who think ‘we’ve won the league, we’ve made it.’

“They just haven’t stopped for three years and that team (2018 final) is basically the team now.

“And that’s why they need a little bit of help.”

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