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Gary Neville believes Steve Bruce is not the problem at Newcastle

gary neville steve bruce

“This is something that is culturally set at Newcastle United. It is not a Steve Bruce problem.”

Gary Neville has spoken about Steve Bruce’s reign as Newcastle United manager, saying “it is not a Steve Bruce problem” when discussing Newcastle’s recent poor run of form.

Gary Neville was speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football show and outlined why he believes Steve Bruce shouldn’t be the target of the Newcastle supporters’ anger.

gary neville

Steve Bruce.

“Steve Bruce has actually got more points at this stage of the season than Rafa Benitez did in both his Premier League seasons,” Neville said.

“What Rafa Benitez has is a fantastic PR company, people like Jamie [Carragher].

“He had a wonderful rapport with the fans because he got them out of the Championship and he stuck with the club so he demonstrated loyalty.

“He gave them hope but honestly, I thought the football was awful when I went up there”

Style of football.

Neville’s fellow pundit Jamie Carragher asked: “Do you think the football is awful now?”

“I do”, Neville replied.

“This is something that is culturally set at Newcastle United. It is not a Steve Bruce problem.

“I’ve not spoken to Steve Bruce for twelve years, even though I played with him. So, this is not a Steve Bruce defence piece.

“Newcastle have got a cultural problem where the football expectation up there is attacking, enthralling, thrilling football for the fans who are passionate about the club.

“They’ve been serving up dire tripe for about 10 years. It’s nothing to do with the last four years.”

steve bruce

Mike Ashley.

Nevertheless, Neville is convinced that the blame for these performances should lie with the club ownership which have served this “awful” football for the last few years.

“My point is the ownership and executive at that club have not delivered that football to these fans for years and years,” Neville continued.

“It’s nothing to do with Steve Bruce or Rafa Benitez. I think it’s been awful going up there for years.

“I get demoralised when I go up to Newcastle, I should be inspired.

“And I don’t think it’s anything to do with those stats that’s we’ve seen today because Steve Bruce’s points tally is very similar to Rafa Benitez.

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