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Dermot Gallagher reveals his Irish accent to the shock of many supporters

dermot gallagher

“I have to crank it down for English people.”

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher spent 15 years refereeing top-flight matches in England.

However, not many Irish people know that Gallagher was actually born in Ringsend and has a strong Dublin accent.

dermot gallagher

Dermot Gallagher

Known for giving his forthright views on the weekend’s refereeing decisions every Monday morning on Sky Sports News, it is hard to pick up his accent when listening to him on Sky.

Nevertheless, he revealed his strong Dublin accent when chatting to Off The Ball on Wednesday.

When asked about his notable changed in accent, the 63-year-old explained his reasoning behind the changes.

“It’s because I am talking Irish people,” Gallagher told OTB Radio about his strong Ringsend accent.

“My best mate Alan Wiley (former Premier League referee) gives me no end of stick because I have to crank it down for English people.

“When I first started on Sky TV, they were very conscious of the words that I couldn’t pronounce. I had to watch the BBC News to try and practise.”

Zinedine Zidane

Dermot Gallagher’s career saw him referee some of the greatest Premier League players of all-time. However, it was during a Champions League semi-final that he was truly blown away by one player in particular.

Zinedine Zidane – I don’t say that to name drop – but it was in the Champions League semi-final,” Gallagher explained.

“Picture that, the Champions League semi-final. I got the first leg of the game at the Delle Alpi – you don’t want the second leg in case it’s all over.

“Del Piero got the ball on the left, and he smashed it across the pitch. When it came past me it was at shoulder height and it sounded like a golf ball coming off the tee. I thought ‘good luck controlling that..’

“Zidane just cushioned it with his foot, brought it down and knocked it off to Antonio Conte on the wing. I’m just thinking ‘wow.’

“In one of the biggest matches in the world and he just brought it down like he was on the school playground.”

You can listen to his accent here.

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