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Yaya Toure Has Just Snapped At The English Media

“These people are not very smart.”

In a lengthy and extraordinary tirade, Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure vented his frustrations on England’s footballing media, adding that he’s ‘sick of football’.

The interview, in which the 32-year-old calls those who were ‘spreading bulls**t’ beasts, is remarkable in it’s vitriol.

“In recent weeks, journalists have spoken about a new beginning for me. But what a new beginning?”, he told French outlet L’Equipe.

I’m coming off a season when Man City finished second in the Premier League, which is the most difficult in the world. I scored twelve goals, I also had to leave the club to join my national team who were playing the African Cup. I missed almost two months (of Premier League football), and I then I was criticised for not scoring as many goals as in the season before?!

You understand a little my disgust. Here, when it’s bad, they (British journalists) highlight the faults. When it’s good, they say nothing. They have always used their little ways to annoy me to distraction. I often feel that I’m unhappy. A lot.

Here, things are never as they say should be. Shouldn’t we more interested in mentioning the positive rather than the negative, right?

It all began when he arrived at the Etihad in 2010, along with a much vaunted wage packet of around £250k – the highest in the League at the time.

“When I came to City, in 2010, I heard people say here that I would kill football,” he continued.

“I arrived from Barcelona as a player who had not played too much the last few months, and they did not understand. The journalists spoke of my salary (about €1 million per month), saying that it was a shame. But I was just at this club to help it grow and win titles.

Many people, beasts, I must say, have laughed at me when I said that. They wondered what I, Yaya Toure, could do to change City. And then you saw what happened next? We almost won everything.

I did it, we did it because I was not alone, of course, but no one said a thing. It’s a bit disgusting.”

Although many bitter people try to smear my name, spreading bulls**t, I also know that there are many young people who look at me. When people assault you, do not reply, because most of the time, they do not understand. Fortunately, the success and statistics speak for me.

Toure obviously feels aggrieved with the perceived disrespect shown, but the extent to which stories such as the infamous ‘birthday cake incident‘ have affected him is surprising in it’s scope.

“These people are not very smart. I do not have the habit of making shock interviews, I only say what I think. I’ve suffered for years, and now I have decided to talk. I mean everything.

Everyone thinks that I’m happy. I’ve won titles, earned lots of money, but no, I’m not happy.”

The trouble for Yaya Toure is that in unleashing his wrath at those in the English media who have “disgusted” him, he has acknowledged their input – and far from accepting his grievances – the baying media will now only round on him with greater ferocity.

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Author: Chris Kelleher

Student whose interests lie in sports ranging from Darts to MMA, with the likes of Golf, Boxing and Soccer in between. Closet wrestling fan and a lover of sports psychology and stiff jabs.