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Watch: Jamie Carragher And Jamie Redknapp Have A Lively Argument On Liverpool’s Defence

The two Jamies are certainly fired up for the new Premier League season.

Both are also former Liverpool heroes, and it stands to reason that both would be concerned about Liverpool’s defensive performance during their season opener against Watford.

The Reds drew 3-3 away at Vicarage Road, with Miguel Britos snatching a late equaliser for the Hornets.

The first concession came via a corner (a set-piece, which becomes the centre of discussion), as Stefano Okaka was unchallenged, allowing him to head at goal from only a few yards out. Striker Robert Firmino was inexplicably tasked with protecting the area that yielded the goal.

While the defensive duties for the second left a lot to be desired, it was the third and final goal that saw alarm bells ring out. Another corner ball found Richarlison by the near post, leading to the late leveller.

Speaking afterwards in the Sky Sports studio, Jamie Redknapp repeatedly stated that the much vaunted signing of Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk would improve matters, leaving his colleague Jamie Carragher exasperated to say the least.

Miguel Britos of Watford

The latter cited the long-running problem of Liverpool’s zonal marking system as the culprit for their poor performance, with a statistic showing that the Reds have conceded 27 goals from set-pieces since Jurgen Klopp’s arrival backing up his assessment.

Redknapp was adamant that a van Dijk who is willing to head the ball can rectify matters, but Carra was having none of it.

“With the way Liverpool set up at set-pieces they will always concede goals, I don’t care what defenders they but or how much money they spend, it won’t make a difference”, he said.

Unfortunately for the Anfield side, Carragher’s issues with the system extend far beyond set-piece scenarios.

“The positions of full backs is far too high and wide, for me. It leaves centre backs exposed, I don’t care who’s at centre back, you can’t do that much to stop those goals.”

You can see the full debate below.


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Author: Chris Kelleher

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