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The RTÉ Irish Soccer Panel’s Greatest Moments

Eamon Dunphy & Richie Sadlier, last night, gave us what was the latest in a long list of great moments from the RTÉ Irish Soccer Panel, baby! Here’s their ten greatest moments.


The Cast

Bill O’Herlihy

2015-05-14 15_03_52-Bill O'Herlihy bids farewell after 40 years - YouTube

Always the consummate professional, Bill bid farewell last July after 40 years in broadcasting. Will feature heavily in the Top Ten in the ‘ineffective substitute teacher’ role.


Eamon Dunphy

2015-05-14 14_42_44-Eamon Dunphy and John Giles Cadbury Dairy Milk #FreeTheJoy - YouTube

Eamon always speaks his mind and never holds back, often leaving him prone to putting his foot in his mouth. Has called footballers ranging from Xabi Alonso to James Rodriguez ‘nothing players.’


John Giles

2015-05-14 14_46_34-John Giles Foundation Golf Classic 2014 - YouTube

Loves taking each game on it’s merits, there. Seen as out of touch by some filthy casuals.


Liam Brady

2015-05-14 14_48_58-Liam Brady with Juventus - 1980-1982 - YouTube

Pictured here twenty years ago (reportedly the last time he smiled), the Juventus legend is Dunphy’s long-established sparring partner.


Richie Sadlier

2015-05-14 14_52_51-Richie Sadlier - YouTube

The new kid on the block, Sadlier’s promising playing career was cut short by injury. Fortunately, he has compensated for it somewhat by being a pretty good analyst.


10) Giles makes a non-pc remark about the BBC’s Gabby Logan

Good luck getting away with that on Sky.


9) Dunphy throws his pen

Looks innocuous enough, but this caused quite a stir at the time.


8) The panel have a laugh at England’s expense


7) “You’ve jumped over the fence there, baby!”

A discussion on Arsene Wenger turned into one of Brady and Dunphy’s infamous spats.


6) Giles says Bobby Collins would kill his granny and grandfather to win a match


5) Dunphy’s Terry Venables rant

You know serious business is going down when Eamon whips out the glasses.

Of course, he went on to badmouth his preferred choice (Giovanni Trappatoni), for the next five years.


4) Souness questions Dunphy’s credentials

A withering putdown, which prompted a great response from ex-Millwaller Eamon Dunphy.


3) Eamon gives a fascinating insight into the mindset of a professional footballer

He went on to give the most insincere apology heard since Nick Clegg helped to raise college fees.


2) Dunphy’s clairvoyant skills come into question

There are far too many quotes in this brilliant clip from 2008. Our favourites include gems such as:

‘Barcelona are a spent force’

‘This Ronaldo’s a con!’


1) The panel discuss Roy Keane’s decision to quit Manchester United

Well worth watching for the duration. Eamon sticks up for Roy Keane and absolutely fillets journalist Rod Liddell, prompting Bill to utter, in his best Cork brogue, the immortal refrain: “Ah Eamon, that’s out of order!”


Chris Kelleher, Pundit Arena 

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