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Roma Fan Found Not Guilty Of Causing GBH To Sean Cox

Filippo Lombardi found out his fate at Preston Crown Court earlier today.

The 21-year-old Italian was part of a group of Roa fans who attended the club’s Champions League semi-final game against Liverpool in April.

He was charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Irishman and Liverpool fan, Sean Cox, who was put into a coma after beign assaulted.

Cox regained consciousness three months later, but has suffered life-changing injuries as a result of the attack. Daniele Sciusco was jailed for violent disorder on the night of April 24, but this was not in connection with the Cox case.

Today’s verdict had a similar outcome, with Lombardi found not guilty of causing GBH to Cox, but he received a three-year jail term for violent disorder from Judge Mark Brown via the Liverpool Echo.

“I admit my mistake, I don’t know what I can tell you,” Lombardi said during examination.

“I admitted the violent disorder, I feel really bad for Mr Cox. It’s a terrible thing. I feel really sorry for what happened…[it’s a} horrible situation for them. I’m not involved. I didn’t know the guy who hit him. I didn’t see this guy.”

The jury present were told that although Lombardi was indeed violent on this occasion, it was another man called ‘N40’ who had assaulted Cox.

Liverpool F.C have paid tribute to their Irish fan on numerous occasions since the violence.

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