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Jose Mourinho Gets Impatient With Reporter’s Question In Wake Of Loss To West Brom

The circumstances in which a dominant Manchester City won the 2018 Premier League title were unexpected.

An unlikely win for Manchester United over their derby rivals, having been 2-0 down at the break, prolonged the inevitable. It was left to bottom of the table West Brom to shock the Old Trafford faithful by winning 1-0, much to the amusement of many.

An embarrassing end to the league title race to be sure, but United boss Jose Mourinho was at pains to point out that the race itself was a procession for months now, and that today’s shock result wasn’t responsible for City’s third Premier League crown. Though the Portuguese is technically correct in his assessment, it led to a testy back-and-forth with the BBC’s Juliette Ferrington after the game.

With Ferrington having suggested that the defeat allowed City to become champions, Mourinho had this to say.

“It is not with this result, it is not”, he opined.

“It is the number of points they have won. “You know, people, you like stories. The story’s only one: how many points they won.”

— “But you didn’t want it to happen last week, did you?”

“No! Last week I want to win three points, like today. My job is not to stop Manchester City to win a title they already won. My job is to get points. Last [week] we got three, this [week] we lost three. That’s the point. We play for us, not Manchester City.”

In fairness to Mourinho, no-one would envy the conveyor belt of media scrutiny he was likely to face at full-time, though he was more relaxed in speaking to Match of the Day, congratulating Pep Guardiola’s side on their title victory.

“City were the best team, sooner or later they would get the points, so no dramas when the best team wins the league.”

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