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Jamie Carragher Speaks Honestly On Gary Neville’s Appointment

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Carra mugged Gary Neville off the other day, but in his latest column, he speaks candidly about the friendship that the two have formed.

They weren’t exactly bedfellows on the pitch in their respective playing careers, but since striking up a punditry partnership, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have built a serious rapport.

As the two frequently did during their TV stint, Carragher poked fun at his broadcast partner when the news was announced. But with the news having now sunk in, the Liverpool man gave his honest assessment of the situation.

Carra wishes his rival-turned-friend well.
Carra wishes his rival-turned-friend well.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Carragher had nothing but praise for both Neville’s decision and the man himself.

“And to think we had just started getting along!”, jibed the Anfield legend.

“As a player, Gary was someone I loved to hate. But, privately, I have always had nothing but the utmost respect for him.
During the past two-and-a-half years, we have become firm friends thanks to our roles with Sky Sports.

There is no question I will miss him and I’ll particularly miss the heated debates of a Monday morning when we are making decisions about which clips to show, not to mention the frequent jibes that fly around when the cameras are rolling.”

Considering that neither man gave an inch either on the pitch or in the banter off it, it’s nice to see that the two get on so well – which makes us even sadder that Thierry Henry will likely replace the United hero.

“Gary has never hidden his ambition — he relishes working alongside Roy Hodgson with England — and I don’t blame him for taking this opportunity.”

Bienvenido a Valencia.
Bienvenido a Valencia.

“I’m sure he will be a success.

In many ways, taking his first job in management at Valencia is typical of him. The ‘easy’ thing to do would have been working in the lower leagues or with Manchester United’s Under 21s yet, always one to embrace a challenge, he has gone for something out of left field.

But the key to good management is making decisions and Gary will have no problem in that area.”

Try not reading his quotes in his best Scouse brogue.

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