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Eden Hazard’s Ideal Player Includes Traits From Ronaldo And Benteke

Some Premier League players find themselves in exalted company when it comes to the mark-up of Eden Hazard’s ideal football player.

The Chelsea star has some traits of his own that would make him a candidate to form part of the perfect footballer. 

His pace, dribbling and creativity for both club and country have earned him a Ballon d’Or nomination, along with ‘Player of the Year’ awards galore. Indeed, in an interview with France Football (via The Guardian), the Belgian claimed that his speed would be worthy of addition.

“As far as I am concerned, I have this quality of speed over a few metres, not on a long distance. After that, I am quickly tired … But for the first five metres, at the start, I am not bad.”

As for the other components for perfection, Hazard opted for Luis Suárez’s finishing, Karim Benzema’s off the ball movement, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s physicality.

All to be expected. But closer to home, the 26-year-old had some interesting choices to make.

Having won Premier League titles at Chelsea alongside some great players, Hazard cited Cesc Fabregas and former Blues captain John Terry as having something to offer in this regard.

“I have had the chance to play with [Cesc] Fàbregas and I can say that he has the best game vision in the world. He does not run fast, but he has that thing, and he has it since he was born. If I have his vision of the game, I’d be on a much higher level. The guy takes the ball, does not even look and puts it right where he wants to just behind the defender. And behind, the guy will score. I say to myself: ‘But how did he see that?’

“I do not like to talk. For the national team, I am captain but I say nothing. I do my talking with the ball, on the ground. There are people who are made for … ‘Yeah, yeah!’ [He pretends to organise his troops.] People who are made to scream. John Terry is the best captain in the world. He is there, he encourages you all the time. He screams. When you do not play well, it does not matter, he speaks to you, tells you that you must move. He has the right words.”

Elsewhere in the League, he chooses Christian Eriksen of Tottenham for his free-kick ability, and makes a few interesting cases for some of the more maligned players in England when it comes to heading.

“I would need the head of Cristiano Ronaldo. That guy, he jumps, stays in the air and it’s good, he scores. How about Fellaini? Ah yes, Fellaini, incredible! And Benteke, a crazy thing! He jumps, pah, goal!”

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Author: Chris Kelleher

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