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Cristiano Ronaldo – “I Am Not Like The Others, I Am Different”

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to the press today in Italy to mark his transfer from Spanish giants Real Madrid to Juventus.

Ronaldo has landed in Italy and, of course, he brought with him all of the bravado and confidence you would expect.

His Portuguese side weren’t able to set the World Cup on fire in the manner that he would have liked but with the announcement that his move away from the Santiago Bernabeu would see him sign with Juventus, fans were understandably ecstatic to see one of the game’s greatest ever talents in action.

Today marked his first press conference as a player for the Italian outfit. One of the standout responses he gave came in response to a question about him entering what many would consider to be the twilight years of his legendary run in the sport.

With him now at the grand old age of 33, after more than a decade in the top-flight, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Cristiano’s best days are now behind him but according to the man himself, he just does not follow the same rules as your average athlete.

“I’m different from other players who think their careers are over when they’re my age. I want to show that I’m not like the others, I’m different.

“I’m here because it’s a brand new challenge for my career. It’s a big club and usually players of my age go to Qatar or to China, with all due respect, so coming to such an important and outstanding club at this point in my career makes me very happy. That’s why I’m very grateful to Juventus for this opportunity because I can go on with my career.

“I have a four-year contract and I want the supporters to be happy with it.

“I feel great, for me it is another challenge. I know it will be tough. I will be ready, Juve is ready. I will be there. The age is not important as I have said before. I feel motivated, I am looking forward to starting well.”

Ronaldo will apparently begin training with the Serie A side on the 30th of July with the beginning of Juve’s league campaign set to begin on August 12.

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