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Charges Dropped Against Hillsborough Chief Inspector

The former chief inspector who was accused of blaming Liverpool fans for 1989 Hillsborough disaster has had all charges dropped.

It truly was one of the darkest days in sporting history and even now, the wounds caused by the infamous tragedy are still not fully healed.

Norman Bettison, who was acting as a member of the South Yorkshire Police at the time, was charged with four counts of misconduct for lying about his role in the police response to the incident – describing it as peripheral.

He also was accused of making an attempt to lie about his supposed original stance on the culpability of the fans but after prosecutors weren’t able to bring together sufficient evidence, it meant that there was no real likelihood of securing a conviction.

Bettison, 62, was joined in the courtroom by a dozen relatives of the victims as his fate was decided.

Five others will still face trial this year, David Duckenfield, Sheffield Wednesday club secretary Graham Mackrell, officers Donald Denton, and Alan Foster and police solicitor Peter Metcalf.

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