Man United fans leave Old Trafford at half-time during horror show against Liverpool

Man United fans

It was a half from hell for Man United.

Hoards of Man United fans were seen walking out of Old Trafford at half-time during their heavy beating at home to Liverpool, as they went in 4-0 down at the break.

Goals from Mo Salah, Naby Keita and Diogo Jota saw Liverpool race into a four-nil lead as United endured a nightmare half in front of their own supporters.

And their supporters saw enough of what they saw when the referee blew his whistle for the half-time break on a remarkable day in Manchester.

Man United fans walk out at half-time against Liverpool.

After the Sky Sports cameras finished their half-time analysis, the camera cut away to see hundreds of United fans leaving the venue as United had no answer for Liverpool’s attack.

While it may be no real surprise to see hundreds of United fans leaving after such a half, they were dramatic pictures nonetheless.

Unfortunately for the Red Devils, their day would get even worse as Liverpool racked up the goals – with Paul Pogba also being dismissed for a late lunge.

Souness blasts United as fans stage walk out at half-time.

Throughout the game, United were a rabbling mess, with their first-half display being torn to pieces by Graeme Souness in the Sky studio.

‘If you’re a second out, you’re going to get taken apart, and that’s what has happened [United] with the first goal. Bruno [Fernandes] and [Aaron] Wan Bissaka were slow to the ball. They were all over the place, Man United.

“Liverpool have been sensational with their accuracy of passing and movement. They have been fabulous. 4-0 maybe flattered them slightly but Liverpool were fabulous.”

Naturally enough, even more left Old Trafford during an equally scarring second-half showing as Liverpool ran riot in Manchester.

Gary Neville joked that he wanted to join the United fans, as he watched his former club get destroyed.

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