Gary Neville gives his take on potential names for Man United job

Gary Neville Man United

Gary Neville gives his take on Man United’s potential new managers.

Former Man United hero Gary Neville has given his take on the potential names that may take over the reins of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Old Trafford.

Solskjaer is under increasing pressure at United after a slow start to their new campaign, with Saturday’s defeat piling the pressure on the Norwegian.

With fans, and even players admitting that things need to improve, Neville has given his take on who he thinks should succeed the current United boss.

Gary Neville on Man United’s options.

Antonio Conte’s name has been mentioned in recent weeks by supporters of Man United, but Neville does not seem enthused by the prospects of the Italian coming to Manchester.

“Conte won’t be the manager at Manchester United I don’t think,” Neville said during an Instagram Live on Sunday. “I don’t think they’ll go for that option, personally.

“He’s a great manager but I think certain managers fit certain clubs and I don’t think Conte fits United personally. As I say, great manager but doesn’t feel right for me that one.

“I’m not into that, giving someone a squad [to win a title}. We tried that with Jose [Mourinho], ‘Give Jose a squad and we’ll definitely win the league’. We didn’t, and in the end, it was a mess and everybody wanted him out.”

Gary Neville on Man United.

Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has also been suggested as a possible name, but Neville insists that United should stick with their current boss for the time being.

“Brendan Rodgers to United? No that won’t happen either. Managed Liverpool before, I don’t think they would go for Brendan – who again is a great manager. Will Zidane come? Not sure.

“We’re just speculating now, throwing names in the air. It’s like when you’re making soup and you taste it having put a load of ingredients in and it’s not particularly great and then you just start adding stuff thinking it’s going to make it better..

He added: “I’ve never asked for a Premier League manager to be sacked in the 11 years since I stopped playing football and that’s not going to happen now.

“Let’s not panic here. There’s no need to panic. Everyone will want Manchester United to panic. There’s nothing that can be fixed in the next 10 minutes. Stick to plan, get through the season, see what happens this season.

“Obviously if then there isn’t a trophy or it continues to go as it is, then Ole will come under great pressure. He knows that, having been in the job for three-and-a-half years at that time.”

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