Frank Lampard reveals Jose Mourinho’s quip after being sacked by Chelsea

Frank Lampard Jose Mourinho

Frank Lampard has revealed his funny exchange with Joe Mourinho.

When Jose Mourinho and Frank Lampard were opposing numbers at Tottenham and Chelsea, their relationship was tense, to put it mildly.

The pair did, however, have plenty of success with one another as a player and manager duo. But when they were put up against one another, the relationship turned sour.

But that has not put an end to their relationship at least. In a recent interview, Lampard revealed details of an amusing conversation they had after he was sacked by Chelsea.

Frank Lampard on Jose Mourinho.

In January, Lampard was relieved of his duties as Chelsea boss after a dire run of results, being replaced by Thomas Tuchel.

And just a few days after he was sacked by the Blues, Lampard bumped into Mourinho when going for a walk. That led to a unique exchange between the pair.

“I bumped into Jose in the streets around here just after getting sacked,” he said on the Overlap.

“It was Covid so he had a mask on and he whipped it off and before that when he was at Tottenham me and him were a little bit like that [at loggerheads] I’m not going to lie.

“He came over to me and gave me a big hug and said, ‘Now you’re a real manager.’

“I was like (thumbs up) cheers. But I loved it and that’s the world we live in.”

Frank Lampard.

Lampard has been without work since the start of the calendar year after he parted ways with Chelsea, being replaced by Tuchel.

Mourinho, however, has got back into management with Serie A giants, AS Roma as he attempts to resurrect his career in Italy.

And despite some disappointing results so far, the Portuguese native has led his side to 5th place in the table. On 22 points, Roma are just three points outside of the Champions League positions currently.

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