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Jamie Carragher does not think Cristiano Ronaldo will win Man United a Premier League title

Jamie Carragher on Cristiano Ronaldo and Man United.

Ahead of today’s crunch clash between Man United and Liverpool, Jamie Carragher admits that he is not convinced that Cristiano Ronaldo is the answer to help United to the Premier League title.

Ronaldo has come up with some big moments for Man United so far this season – with his most recent winner against Atalanta in the Champions League this week underlying his value to the team.

Ronaldo, however, has had to defend himself in recent days from his critics – but Carragher admits that he does not see him as the man to fire them back to a Premier League title.

Jamie Carragher speaks about Cristiano Ronaldo.

While he does not think Ronaldo will help United get closer to another league title, he does, however, find the criticism levelled at the Portuguese striker strange.

“When he played in Gary’s team, possibly one of the best Man United teams there has ever been, Ronaldo was having to play up front on his own then. Ronaldo and Tevez went wide and he didn’t have to do the running even then,” he said.

“This is not a case of Ronaldo getting lazy or not wanting to do the runs now at 36. He was like that back then as well. At Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho had to devise a plan to hide Ronaldo so they [United] can still work with a player like Ronaldo.

“I think the criticism that is upsetting Ronaldo is that he was successful wherever he has been, but United are not successful at this moment. He’s being seen as this man that will make them successful and we’re all agreeing that he is not making them a better team.”

Carragher on what Ronaldo will add to Man United.

United come into Sunday’s game with a point to prove, along with Ronaldo. But even if they do prove a point, Carragher does not expect him to solely bring United up to a title charge.

“Ronaldo will score 25/30 goals a season, but I don’t think that will take Man United closer to the title or the Champions League,” he added.

“That is where the criticism comes from. In terms of his running stats, he has always been like that. I don’t understand all that focus on that now because he has always been that type of player.”

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