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Alan Shearer hits out at ‘disgusting’ refereeing errors in Match of the Day rant

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer was not impressed with the refereeing decisions over the weekend.

Former Newcastle United striker Alan Shearer has hit out at ‘disgusting’ refereeing errors made over the weekend by Premier League officials.

Shearer, who was on Match of the Day punditry duty on Sunday night, took major issue with the decision not to award the Geordies with a spot-kick in their 4-0 defeat at home to Man City.

But it was not just that which wound the former England international up, as he took aim at the VAR deficiencies throughout the top-flight this year.

Alan Shearer on refereeing issues.

“Do me a favour. I thought it was an absolutely disgusting decision, I think the officials have been awful today,” he said on Match of the Day.

“They’ve been awful for a long time now I think, certainly this season. So many terrible decisions, look at the one last week City were given for the handball against Wolves.

Alan Shearer

“Look at the decision today or the lack of a decision for Newcastle. That is an experienced referee and someone sat on a screen with VAR, and he can not tell that referee that is a howler or an error and he need to go and give a penalty?

“What is going on? It’s an awful decision. Not that it’d make any difference to the scoreline, Man City are a fantastic team and deserved to win.

“They were much, much better than Newcastle but that decision was ridiculous.”

Alan Shearer.

While he did note that ‘disgusting’ decisions were made, he also stressed that officials need to re-examine how they utilise VAR given the number of errors made in recent weeks.

“I have no problem with VAR,” he added. “It’s just the people that are running it don’t seem to be good enough and haven’t been for a good couple of weeks now.

“Some of the decisions I think have been really poor and Mike Riley needs to have a chat to his boys because it’s not acceptable.”

Jurgen Klopp covid

Amid Shearer’s response to Sunday’s refereeing horror-show, he was not the only personality to question the merits of some of the decision making over the weekend.

Eddie Howe and Jurgen Klopp both took issue with decisions, as the latter squared up to referee Paul Tierney in a heated post-match exchange in North London.

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