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Paris police chief admits ‘failure’ surrounding Champions League final chaos

champions league final

The Paris police chief has broken his silence.

Paris police chief Didier Lallement has apologised for tear-gassing Liverpool supporters in the wake of the chaotic scenes that marred the Champions League final last month.

The start time of the Champions League final was delayed twice due to crowd congestion outside the ground, with kick-off finally getting underway at the later time of 8.36pm.

Outside the ground however, supporters were tear-gassed – forcing Lallement into an apology in front of the French senate.

“We asked people to move back, then we used tear gas..”

“It is obviously a failure,” he explained. “It was a failure because people were pushed around and attacked. It was a failure because the image of the country was undermined.

“We needed to get people to move back,” Lallement added. “We asked people to move back, then we used tear gas… it’s the only way to our knowledge of moving a crowd back, except for a baton charge.”

Amidst the chaos, French authorities claimed that several thousand fake tickets caused the issues at the Stade de France, a claim that has not been backed up with evidence.

“The figure has no scientific virtue but it came from feedback from police and public transport officials,” Lallement added.

“Maybe I was wrong, but it was constructed from all the information harvested.

“Whether there are 30,000 or 40,000 people, it doesn’t change anything. What matters is that there were people, in large numbers, likely to disrupt the proper organization of the filtering. But that we count them precisely to within 5000, it doesn’t change much.”

Champions League final chaos.

Lallement’s comments come in the wake of Liverpool and Real Madrid both calling for an investigation into how the events of the night unfolded.

The review of the Champions League final is ongoing.

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