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“Did I hear it right that Mr Keane said we had a sloppy performance tonight?”

There was a very awkward moment on Sky Sports after Roy Keane was challenged by Jurgen Klopp for a remark he made about Liverpool’s performance.

Jurgen Klopp calls out Roy Keane.

While Keane and fellow pundit Jamie Carragher sang the praises of Liverpool after their 3-1 victory over Arsenal, there was one comment that didn’t sit well with Klopp after the full-time whistle.

When discussing the Reds’ win, Keane briefly mentioned that there were a couple of “sloppy” aspects to Liverpool’s play, particularly in the second half when Arsenal were presented with some opportunities to score.

Jurgen Klopp Roy Keane

Little did Keane know that Klopp was already listening in to the conversation from Anfield and he wasn’t prepared to start the interview without taking issue with the Irishman.

“Did I hear it right that Mr Keane said we had a sloppy performance tonight?” Klopp asked. “Because I could hear you already. Did he really say that?

“Did he say this was a sloppy performance tonight? I just want to know because I’m not sure I heard it right. Maybe he spoke about another game. It cannot be this game, sorry!

“That’s an incredible description of this game. This was absolutely exceptional. There was nothing sloppy about it, absolutely nothing. From the first second, we were dominant against a team in form.”

Jurgen Klopp Roy Keane

Keane, who earlier in the evening eviscerated Fulham and suggested that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would be under more pressure at Manchester United, was given the opportunity to respond to Klopp.

Keane explained: “I think you might have misheard me. I said there were sloppy moments but I think you’ve been outstanding. I’ve been giving the club nothing but praise so I’m not sure you’ve heard me correctly there.”

The last word was left to the Irishman, who laughed off Klopp’s call-out and wondered how the Reds boss would have reacted to the comment if his team had lost the match.

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