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Christian Eriksen may make a Premier League return.

The English FA have confirmed that Christian Eriksen may be allowed to resume his professional career in the UK if he passes a cardiac screening process.

In a statement issued to the PA News Agency, the Football Association explained that while Eriksen will not be able to continue his career in Italy, he may be able to do so in England.

To continue, Eriksen must pass a risk assessment, should he opt to make a return to the Premier League – after his career with Inter Milan was cut short this week.

Christian Eriksen.

During Euro 2020, Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during Denmark’s eventual 1-0 defeat against Finland in Copenhagen, taking ill during the first-half.

“With regard to Christian Eriksen playing in England, it is impossible to comment on his individual circumstances without knowledge of his condition and the risks associated with it. As always, any assessment would be on an individual basis,” an FA spokesperson told the PA news agency.

“In England, any player that has an abnormal cardiac screen or who develops a cardiac problem would be assessed by a sports cardiologist.

“We would expect the sports cardiologist to be a member of The FA Cardiac Consensus Panel, a group of experienced sports cardiologists who advise The FA with regard to these issues and provide consultation and screening expertise for our cardiac screening programmes in professional football.

“This would also be done in association with the team doctor who usually looks after them. The cardiologist would look at the individual circumstances and the risk surrounding the player and they would make a decision on whether the player could continue to play or should stop.”

Christian Eriksen may be able to make a Premier League return.

Contrary to Italian sports participation regulation, the UK has not adopted rules preventing players like Eriksen not being able to resume playing careers.

The Football Association (FA) did, however, say that it was up to the player themselves to understand their own personal risk.

Christian Eriksen

“The FA would not ban someone from playing based on a cardiac screen,” the FA added.

“Any risk is to the player themselves and not to others on the pitch, so it is an individual decision which the player takes with support and advice from those who are responsible for their personal medical wellbeing.”

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