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Christian Eriksen has lifted the lid on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United exit, and the drama that surrounded it.

Ronaldo left Manchester United in November, shortly after Piers Morgan released an interview wherein the footballer called out a number of issues he had with the club.

One of these was a lack of respect he has for current manager Erik ten Hag, and other staff members at the club.

Now he is gone, and United have won two games in a row without having conceded, and Ronaldo is looking like a move to Saudi Arabia is his most likely option.

Eriksen has said that he felt lucky to play with Ronaldo, but that he has already starting forgetting about him.

He admitted that some of the players at the club are “sad” that Ronaldo isn’t there anymore, but “the atmosphere is good”, and it’s time to move on.

Christian Eriksen on Cristiano Ronaldo exit

He said: “His legacy and his name at any club is special, for me to be fortunate to play with him in my career was very nice.

“But the football goes on.

“You feel that the next game after, people will forget what it was like before and now our focus is really like he is not here.

“The atmosphere is good, we have a lot of people coming back from the World Cup, the last guys are coming back and everyone is coming together.

“The atmosphere is good. It helps winning games and also before we went away for the World Cup we had a few good games and good wins and it makes it easier to come back and start like this.”

While United’s only two games since Ronaldo’s exit have been against Burnley and Nottingham Forest, they do look like a much better all-around side with Anthony Martial up front instead.

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