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Brian Kerr wouldn’t sit quietly by and accept Damien Delaney’s assessment that Manchester United were not an enjoyable team to watch.

Ahead of kick-off in the first leg of Man United’s Europa League semi-final against Roma, Kerr and Delaney debated the quality of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side and it got rather heated.

Delaney questioned Solskjaer’s ability to coach a team as big as United before echoing Marcelo Bielsa’s recent comment on the Red Devils playing simple football.

The former Republic of Ireland defender revealed he didn’t enjoy watching United but that was before Solskjaer’s side put six past Roma at Old Trafford.

“I’ve nailed my thoughts to the mast, so to speak. I don’t think he’s the guy,” Delaney said of Solskjaer on Virgin Media Sport.

“I don’t think he’s an elite-level coach. When you look at the coaches we saw on Tuesday and Wednesday night – not to say that he can’t get there, but he’s learning. How long does he get?

“He came out with a statement not so long ago that he doesn’t need a trophy to mark his success. Marcelo Bielsa said, before the Leeds game, a really interesting thing when he was asked about Solskjaer and United’s tactics – he said it was very simple, simple football. Now he meant it in a complimentary way but you can’t get to finals with it.


“You just have one way of playing, which is very defensive. You’re playing two No. 6s, one No. 10 and you just hope you can keep a clean sheet and get it to good players. Hopefully Bruno [Fernandes] will do something or hopefully Marcus Rashford will do something. But there’s nothing enjoyable about watching Manchester United.”

Kerr challenged Delaney on that statement and pointed to the playing styles of Rashford and Mason Greenwood as proof that United can be an entertaining watch, prompting Delaney to change his stance to United not being interesting to watch.

Brian Kerr

When pushed for further explanation on what he wanted out of United, Delaney responded by simply saying that he wanted to see the club winning trophies again.

Kerr then accused Delaney of stating that he didn’t enjoy watching United because he doesn’t like them.

“I have no great interest in them one way or the other but I can find them quite enjoyable to watch,” Kerr said.

“When Rashford is on form, when Greenwood is on form, when Fernandes is on form, when they’re playing well…

“Rashford is injured and he’s going out and playing with an injury, he’s a good player who is committed to the team.

Marcus Rashford

“Greenwood is a boy coming in and they have to play him at centre-forward because they haven’t got a main man. I’d be critical that they haven’t got a main man. Cavani will play tonight. He’s the main man and he gives them a bit of something.

“When Greenwood has to play through the middle, he’s not strong enough, but I enjoy watching those players playing!”

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