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Five of the best sporting documentaries on Netflix right now

With the population confined to their houses across the nation, there’s never been a better time to explore some of the best content Netflix has to offer.

And for those of us scrambling to consume at least some semblance of sport amid its almost worldwide cancellation across the globe, the universal streaming site can provide some much-needed respite.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve decided to put together another five of our favourite sporting documentaries on Netflix, all of which are a must-see for any sports fan desperate for action. Let’s take a look below.


Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

The tale of the life and ultimate death of former New England Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez, Killer Inside explores one of the most incredible stories in sporting history.

The Netflix version is a tremendous accompaniment to the Boston Globe’s podcast on Hernandez and although it doesn’t manage to quiet keep the attention as well, the interviews with friends and family members and audio of his prison phonecalls are fascinating.

The court footage from Hernandez’s murder trial is also a brilliant addition and with only three episodes the series doesn’t prove to be a chore to get through.

It’s a concise overview of one of American sports’ most high profile tragedies.



A true innovator when he arrived in the NBA, Allen Iverson disrupted the culture as much as any player ever has during his time in the league, and ‘Iverson’ expertly chronicles his career and life outside of the court.

Iverson was often portrayed in a negative fashion by the sports media during his time in the NBA as he broke the mould of what a player should say and how they should look, but his style proved to be a seismic influence on today’s game.

A flawed genius on and off the court, Iverson won the league’s MVP and Rookie of the Year but never managed to lead any of his teams to a coveted NBA Championship despite his clear talent.

‘Iverson’ doesn’t skirt from documenting the struggles in Iverson’s life and does a brilliant job of humanising a true icon of the game of basketball.


Sunderland Till I Die (Season 2)

Netflix have only just dropped the second series of their behind the scenes look at a full season at Sunderland Football Club but it’s a brilliantly easy show to binge on.

With only six episodes it could do with being fleshed out a little more, like the first season, but in Executive Director Charlie Methven, the series has its superstar.

The series documents the fans of the club and their ups and downs brilliantly and the insight into transfer deadline day is a standout episode.

A little bit more perspective from the players wouldn’t have gone amiss and two visits to Wembley could have been fleshed out a tad more but overall, Sunderland Till I Die’s sequel is almost as entertaining as its predecessor.


Bobby Robson: More than a Manager

A really well-made documentary film that charts the life and career of Bobby Robson, the former Ipswich Town, England, Porto, PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona and Newcastle United manager.

He had a unique managerial career across almost 40 years in the dugout, with many twists and turns that saw him reach incredible heights and plunge to painful lows.

Robson was put in some unimaginably difficult positions – dealing with an extremely aggressive British tabloid press when he was England manager, attempting to be Johan Cruyff’s successor as Barcelona coach and fighting cancer five-times. Yet, throughout it all, as the film shows, he maintained his basic decency, sense of purpose and love for football.

Alex Ferguson, Gary Lineker, Ronaldo and Pep Guardiola are among the a-list football personalities to contribute to the film.



The story of one of Ireland’s greatest ever sports stars, Katie is a brilliant look at Taylor’s career up until that point inside the ring while also touching on life outside of it.

Ross Whitaker’s documentary is gritty and real and doesn’t shy away from documenting the struggles of Taylor’s life and career, documenting her rise from Olympic champion to the professional ranks.

Taylor has always been seen as a private person but ‘Katie’ does a brilliant job of showcasing her throughout the hour and a half documentary.

A must watch for any Irish sports fan.


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Author: The PA Team

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