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Daily Discussion: Kerry’s Double Trouble Will Finish Dublin…Eventually

Dublin are phenomenal that much is for sure and if they can complete the famous five-in-a-row then nobody can argue against them being considered the greatest team of all time.

Let’s get that part out of the way first.

The likelihood is that they will indeed complete the ‘drive-for-five’, they may even do six, seven and eight for good measure, but eventually, they will be stopped. The nature of sport tells us that no team can dominate forever. That is undeniable.

The purist in me would love to say Mayo can end their losing streak against the side that has been such a thorn in their side, but the reality is we cannot trust them.

If we were to put our money on choosing a team you would have to say, Kerry.

They are the aristocrats of Gaelic football and have a tradition of winning, winning, winning. Not to forget five successful minor sides that are slowly filtering through.

However, the real reason that Kerry are going to take over the Gaelic mantle once more is because of greatness. Dublin are dominant now because they are great. Kerry will come again because of two players who are going to be great.


David Clifford

He’s only 20, but anybody with half a brain will admit that it’s only a matter of time before the Fossa club man is the best player in the country.

Kerry were woeful last year and only for Clifford would have ended the season under a real cloud of shame, but such were his performances that Kerry fans were optimistic that the best was yet to come.

Across the three Super 8 games, Clifford scored 4-14… Just take that in for a second. Phenomenal statistics for a kid who at the time was just 19 and only out of minors.

He is the future of Kerry football and eventually will drive them on to multiple All-Ireland wins.


Sean O’Shea

Another young star who alongside Clifford can rightfully be considered the future of Kerry football given how dominant his Allianz Football League performances have been this year.

O’Shea’s introduction to the senior set-up was arguably overshadowed by Clifford last year, but there can be no denying that he has well and truly stepped out of that shadow and drove Kerry on thus far in 2019 after going five from five in Division 1 and averaging 0-7 per game.

The Kenmare kid will in time become the best playmaker in the game and having O’Shea feed the Fossa man will be paramount to Kerry’s future success.

The soon to be, best playmaker in Gaelic football coupled with the soon to be, best player in Gaelic football, it’s a no brainer.


Dublin’s streak will end eventually, fans don’t like hearing it, but that is the harsh truth. This team won’t go on forever.

Look, it’s unlikely to be this year. At just 20-years of age, these two boys have a lot of developing to do and Dublin are still at the peak of their powers.

But if we are to look at this objectively, it is a fair assessment to say that both are on their way to becoming greats of our game and the only way Dublin are going to be stopped is by greatness.

Michael Corry

Sports Journalist based in Dublin. Hit me up if you have a unique story to tell. Email: Twitter: @Corry_10 Instagram: @Corry_10

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