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DONATE: ‘Takin’ Over France’ By Mick Konstantin Ft. Pundit Arena For Special Olympics Ireland

It’s the song that has taken over the world, with a whopping 15 million views over the weekend. Now, Mick Konstantin & Pundit Arena need your help.

With the Boys In Green needing your support now more than ever, we’ve decided to officially launch ‘Takin’ Over France ft. Pundit Arena’ by Mick Konstantin. We’ve partnered with a fantastic organisation, with all proceeds going to Special Olympics Ireland.

As the undoubted best fans in the world, it’s time to empty those lungs once more and get behind the country by singing, sharing and supporting ‘Takin’ Over France’.

All we ask is that those fortunate enough to afford a donation could part with some of their hard-earned cash to get behind an incredible charity that’s close to the entire sporting nation’s hearts.


Click here to donate and make a difference. #COYBIG


The star and songwriter of ‘Takin’ Over France feat. Pundit Arena‘, Mick Konstantin, was overjoyed with the reaction.

“It’s been a mental few days. I could never have imagined that it would have blown up this big. I was on the plane back from France on Sunday and a random old man in an Ireland jersey shouted at me “give us a song Mick!”. I knew I had made it then. I can’t wait to see where things go from here.”

Pundit Arena co-founders Richard Barrett and Ross O’Dwyer were blown away by the viral clip.

“This job takes many twists and turns, but never would we have imagined we’d be in a recording studio launching a music single with the biggest star of the Euros.” commented Barrett. “Everyone loves an underdog story and they don’t come much bigger than a PE teacher on his holidays getting 12 million views belting out a song at the Euros.”

O’Dwyer stressed the importance of getting behind the track and donating to Special Olympics Ireland:

“I never thought Pundit Arena would end up in the music business, but here we are with the legend Mick and it’s all for a good cause in Special Olympics Ireland. We’d urge the Irish fans to get behind this great organisation and to empower more Irish athletes to do amazing things on the world stage.”

Click here to donate and make a difference. #COYBIG


Mick Konstantin with Richard and Ross of Pundit Arena in the studios.
Mick Konstantin with Richard and Ross of Pundit Arena in the studios.

You can hear more of Mick’s magic via the following channels:

– YouTube



We’d like to thank Richard Donelan of IrishStartUpTV for kindly donating his time to the production of the video. The song was produced by Fergal Davis. Trombone instrumental by Alex Borwick.