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Copyright is the legal term which describes the rights given to authors/creators or certain categories of work.

The following is the expression of Pundit Arena’s Copyright in and to the website and its contents, as well as an explanation as to how we deal with the Copyright of others.

[Pundit Arena – Logo]® is a trade mark of Pundit Arena a trading name of Readia Limited.

Readia Limited is the proprietor or licensee (‘rights holder’) of all intellectual property rights in relation to this website and its contents, including but not limited to copyright, trade and brand names, trade-marks and get-up. If no permission is given by Readia Limited/Pundit Arena to the use of any of them, such use may constitute an infringement of the rights holder’s rights.

All other trade-marks, brand names and titles, copyrights and other intellectual property rights used in this website are trade-marks, brand names, product names, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of their respective rights holders. Permission to reproduce such material would need to be obtained from the relevant rights holders concerned.

No part of this website may be translated, reprinted or reproduced or utilised in any form either in whole or in part or by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or invented in the future, including photocopying and recording, or in any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from Pundit Arena, except in accordance with Permitted Uses and provisions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000.

Permitted uses:

  • includes the infrequent printing or downloading of extracts to a local hard disk is for reasonable personal non-commercial research use only;
  • includes the sharing of the content of the website throughout the internet for your own social, personal and non-commercial purposes only; and
  • requires that Pundit Arena is acknowledged as the owner of the work in any copies made or extracts taken.

Provided prior permission in writing from Pundit Arena is obtained, this website may be linked to from another website. Pundit Arena provides application protocol interfaces for many popular social media websites to connect with its content. These API’s may be taken as automatic permission to share content.

Applications for the copyright owner’s permission to reproduce any part of this website should be addressed to contact@punditarena.com

This website is governed by Irish law. Any dispute that cannot be resolved between us shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ireland.

The authors’ moral rights as defined in the Copyright and Related Rights Act are not affected by the rights granted in this notice.

If you believe that any material published on the website infringes copyright, please report it to contact@punditarena.com. We will require you to identify the material which you claim is infringing and provide us with sufficient information to contact the complaining party.

In the event that you object to our linking to your site, please notify us at contact@punditarena.com, supplying sufficient information to contact the complaining party.

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