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Comments Policy



Pundit Arena is committed to providing open discussion and debate in relation to sport. We encourage users to engage with the Website and to share the articles we curate and create through social media and other online methods. It is also hoped that users engage with the Website by commenting and responding to the articles posted on Pundit Arena.

Pundit Arena’s policy in respect of user comments seeks to facilitate and promote sharing and open, transparent discussion. With this in mind, Pundit Arena does not moderate comments simply because it disagrees with the opinions expressed by its users, nor are comments removed if they are in a hyperbolic or reactive tone or if they contain profanity. Debate forms an important facet of the way the Website operates and the way debate is shaped.

Comments are never pre-moderated, nor are they edited after they have been published.

Pundit Arena supports intelligent and productive debate and as a consequence, we have prepared a set of guidelines, by which we expect our users to operate when using the Website when commenting. We suggest and encourage all users to familiarise themselves with the Comments Policy, which we believe follows a common sense and balanced approach to your freedom to use the Website. Pundit Arena reserves the right to delete comments which it deems are in breach of the Comments Policy.

In addition, our guidelines will be upheld on a three-strikes-and-you’re-out basis (see below for more details):

  • Personal remarks focussing on a Pundit Arena Contributor, about the individuals identified in stories, or about other people commenting are not permitted. Pundit Arena wants to encourage mature and effective debate on the issues or stories curated. There is no room for insults or insinuations.
  • All Pundit Arena Contributors and commenters are to be treated with respect. If you do not agree with someone’s point of view, please do so civilly.
  • Clarity is the best policy. Please remember, that while Pundit Arena is a European based sports commentator, it has far wider reaches. Please bear in mind that to someone in a different place, or from a different background, the finer points of your tone may not be obvious. If somebody seems not to have picked up on your irony or sarcasm, be tolerant.
  • We encourage the debate arising from our articles to be as wide ranging as possible. However, it is in the bests interests of everyone that you remain on topic, as much as possible. We believe the comments section should be available for people to debate sport, please keep it that way.
  • If you have any suggestions, criticisms, ideas or complaints about Pundit Arena, please email us at [email protected]
  • Please follow grammatical norms including spelling and punctuation. If you post in block capitals, it may be interpreted that you are shouting at the other commenters. Please avoid this.
  • Do not:
  • make comments which are racist, sexist, homophobic, offensive on the grounds of religion, nationality or demographic group;
  • make comments which are threatening or harassing or which could be perceived as such;
  • use excessive bad language. Posts making use of streams of profanity may be removed;
  • post personal information or make derogatory remarks about commenters or any other individuals. Any such material may be removed without notification;
  • use comments to promote commercial products or services. The use of links to relevant blogs and sites which enhance the debate are welcomed; and/or
  • post content which is libellous, prejudicial to on-going legal action, or which could otherwise result in legal difficulties for Pundit Arena, will be removed on notification or otherwise. You will not necessarily be notified if we have removed a comment.
  • If you feel strongly that comments made by another user are in breach of these guidelines and should be removed, let us know by clicking “Report this comment” and inputting the details.
  • Please be aware before you submit a comment that you will not be offered an opportunity to edit it, Pundit Arena may not be able to remove it post-publication.
  • Please do not use the comments space to notify Pundit Arena of technical or editorial errors, or to make offensive, insulting or personal remarks to or about the Contributor of a story or another user’s comment. Constructive criticism is welcome, but use the link at the end of the article, or email the author directly.
  • Pundit Arena will not enter into any discussion with users about comments which have been removed or the decision to block a user.

Pundit Arena’s comment removal policy supports the opportunity for Pundit Arena to be a place where all users can join an open and civilised debate. If you come across a comment that you believe is outside these guidelines, or is offensive enough to merit removing, please bring it to the attention of the Pundit Arena team by clicking ‘report this comment as offensive’. You will be asked to give your reasons for wanting the comment removed.

If you simply disagree – or agree – with the sentiments being expressed in a comment, you are free to express your own opinions in the normal way.

For Commenters who repeatedly flout these guidelines Pundit Arena will take steps to prevent them from entering the discussion. This operates on a three-strikes-and-you’re-out basis: if we have to remove three comments posted by a user, that user will be placed on a black list. That user will not necessarily be notified when comments are removed.

Pundit Arena cannot endorse or stand by the accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of any material posted by commenters. Statements made by commenters only reflect the views of that commenter, and are not representative of the views of the Pundit Arena, or any of the Pundit Arena Team.

While Pundit Arena do not and cannot review every comment posted, we reserve the right to remove any posts we deem unacceptable without notification. We reserve the right to block at our discretion users who are in breach of these guidelines.

Finally, we do not monitor comments. However, we reserve the right to take down material that comes to our attention via a complaint or otherwise. We separately reserve the right to ban users on the basis set out above. While we operate a three strikes policy, on occasion a particular situation may be significantly serious to demand immediate removal and banning. All decisions in relation to these matters are carried out at Pundit Arena’s discretion.