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Watch: Teddy Atlas Goes Absolutely Berserk Over Golovkin Vs. Alvarez Decision

Veteran boxing analyst Teddy Atlas went off on one of his infamous rants on Saturday night, shortly after the middleweight title fight between Gennady Golovkin and Saul Alvarez at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was controversially declared a draw.

Most felt that Golovkin’s aggression, pressure and consistency had earned him a points victory over the more accurate but less active Alvarez, but only one of the three judges officially scoring the fight agreed. While Dave Moretti handed in a 115-113 scorecard in favour of ‘GGG’, Don Trella scored the fight 114-114 and Adalaide Byrd somehow saw it 118-110 to ‘Canelo’.

On Twitter, many expressed the belief that the result was a sign of corruption and Atlas agreed.

“I told you so. I told you [there would be] controversy, I said it all week,” Atlas said on Sports Center after the fight.

“Corruption in boxing. Follow the money,” he added when asked for his opinion on the decision. “And nobody else is going to say that in boxing and some people are going to be very upset. I don’t care. I don’t care if they’re upset.”

He then busted out a hilarious metaphor that was typical Teddy.

“I mean, one guy was the ocean and the other guy was the log for most of the fight,” he said. “The ocean usually wins in that battle. When I watch and I go out there and I look in the Atlantic Ocean, the ocean moves the log around. The ocean is the champion. The ocean was Golovkin. But not in boxing. Boxing doesn’t honour the things that should be honoured. It honours money, control, power and there’s only certain power-brokers in boxing – certain promoters. And they have the power. They have control over who the judges are gonna be, who the judges aren’t going to be.¬†

“How could I stand here all week and say there is going to be a controversial outcome? How did I know that?”

“That’s the problem with this sport,” he added. “People will be satisfied to a certain extent, but people will be sickened¬†and say, ‘I can’t continue to love something that doesn’t love me back.'”

After that, Atlas was joined via satellite by Stephen A. Smith and that’s when things went up a notch. These two tend to bring out the screamer in each other and it wasn’t long before Atlas was covering the A. Smith-emblazoned monitor with spittle amidst a furious rage.

You can check it out below…

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