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Watch: Sonnen Has ‘Evidence To Support’ Theory McGregor Will Take On Mayweather Again

Chael Sonnen believes that we will see Conor McGregor stripped of his UFC lightweight title, which will free the way for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

‘The American Gangster’ has been reading into recent events taking place in the MMA world. In particular the recent Floyd Mayweather MMA cage video.

The video caught the attention of Sonnen who believes there is a reason for Mayweather’s release of this video.

That reason being that Floyd is circulating his name into the mainstream once more, which, according to the Bellator fighter, means he is planning to fight again.

However, the 40-year-old doesn’t buy into the idea of Floyd stepping into the octagon. Instead, Sonnen sees a rematch taking place with Conor McGregor in the boxing ring.

“We know he’s not doing MMA, there’s nothing about that, but why would he want to be keeping his name out there? And I know the answer, I just want to tell you guys – Floyd’s fighting again! He’s going to box, but make no mistake he’s fighting again.”

The former UFC middlweight title contender cites Floyd’s attraction to money as the reason for yet another Mayweather comeback.

However, the fighter who also had a title shot at light-heavyweight has got an interesting theory in regards to Mayweather’s come back.

Following on from Eddie Alvarez’s McGregor title situation theory, Sonnen has taken this one step further.

The American believes that were McGregor to be stripped of his title, this would free Dana White of any pressure to force McGregor to fight in a title bout.

“I really think he’s fighting Conor, and that one, I’m kind of out on a limb on that one, but I have some evidence to support it.

“Conor wants to box Floyd again, largely a cash grab – fine! Floyd wants to box Conor again – largely a cash grab fine.”

Sonnen went on to point out that the sequel generally does better than the original fight in terms of pay-per-view numbers and also stated that he felt the first fight was ‘a hell of a fight’.

Were he to be proven right, MMA followers would be sure to feel very displeased. McGregor has not competed in the UFC since November 2016, which has caused a backlog in the lightweight division.

However, offered the opportunity to make a pay-day in the same bracket as his first clash with Floyd, it’s not difficult to see why this would be the preferred option for the fighter.

You can watch Chael’s video in full below:


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Author: The PA Team

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