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Watch: Michael Conlan Gives His Honest Assessment Of Conor McGregor’s Boxing Ability

Michael Conlan will take on Mexican journeyman Alfredo Chanez in his second professional bout this Friday night at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.

Conlan made his professional debut in Madison Square Garden against Tim Ibarra back in March with the Irish boxer being escorted to the ring by MMA superstar Conor McGregor.

Conlan and the Notorious SBG man are known to have a close relationship and with McGregor believed to be on the brink of confirming a super fight with Floyd Mayweather, Conlan was asked about the UFC man’s boxing ability.

One certainly wouldn’t expect the boxer to slate McGregor given their relationship, however Conlan did seem to be quite genuine in praising the MMA star’s boxing ability.

‘I’ve never sparred him but I did train with him. I’ve seen him work on the bags, I’ve seen him work on his pad work and, you know, how he moves in the ring. And you know, I was impressed. I was impressed I’ll admit.

You know, I’ve seen MMA fighters do boxing skills and you’re saying ‘ok, they’re ok, but they’re not gonna be a boxer.’ But Conor definitely has the skill.’

Conlan also went onto explain how the sheer size of Conor is quite intimidating and suggested that his ferocious punching power comes from the freakish size of his hands.

‘He’s a big puncher. Have you seen the size of his hands? His hands are so big. His hands are like twice the size of mine. I’m telling you. They’re really big. He’s got big shovel hands.’

Conlan is at odds of 1/500 to win his fight on Friday night against Alfredo Chanez and will surely be looking for a knockout performance in his second professional bout before moving on to a higher class of opponent later this year.

Check out his comments on McGregor’s boxing in full in the video below.

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Author: The PA Team

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