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Watch: Footage Emerges Of McGregor Slating Robert Byrd’s Pre-Fight Instructions & Stoppage

Moments after Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather finally entered the ring, the T-Mobile Arena reverberated with jeers as Robert Byrd’s pre-fight instructions took a rather bizarre turn.

Clutching McGregor and Mayweather by the wrists, Byrd looked solely at the Irishman throughout his pre-fight run through as he made several somewhat condescending comments in the direction of the MMA champion.

Although it was McGregor’s first professional boxing contest, it seemed somewhat insulting to all watching that Byrd chose to treat the Irishman as if he had no notion of the sport’s rules.

Discussing the referee’s performance during his public appearance in Glasgow last weekend, McGregor stated that he felt like reminding Byrd that there were two fighter’s involved during the pre-fight ritual.

‘When we came face to face and we done the rules thing. Floyd was here, I was here and the ref was here. He was only staring at me! And I’m looking at him staring at me and I’m like… I could see in the peripheral of my vision that he was just looking at me and he wasn’t looking at Floyd and I was almost going to say ‘he’s fighting as well there mate. Give him the f*cking, give him a rules meeting. You know what I mean? What’s going on there?’

Every time we tied up, he [Byrd] literally wrestled me off him so, I don’t know, it is what it is but I knew I wasn’t going to get a fair shake out there.’

McGregor also went on to discuss his issues with the tenth round stoppage of the bout and, although many agree with the referee’s timing and protection of the Irishman at that very moment, the UFC Champion also made some interesting points as to why he should have been allowed a little more time before Byrd stepped in.

Check out McGregor discussing Byrd’s bizarre pre-fight instructions along with his issues with the stoppage in full below;

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Author: The PA Team

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