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Watch: The Boxing Community’s Inconvenient ‘Truth’ About Mayweather Vs McGregor

With the hype continuing to build around their August 26th bout, it seems that more and more people are giving Conor McGregor a chance of actually beating Floyd Mayweather…

Having initially opened as a huge underdog, McGregor’s odds have plummeted hugely in recent weeks with the Irishman now at just 4/1 with most bookmakers.

However, several members of the boxing community have continued to dismiss the fight as a sideshow or some form of circus with HBO pundit Max Kellerman consistently proving to be the most outspoken of the naysayers.

Conor McGregor has a zero per cent chance to catch Floyd Mayweather. He’s fighting the best pound for pound boxer in the world when last seen in action and one of the greatest pure boxers of all time.

The lack of respect for the discipline is astonishing to me. People think they’re just getting in and wildly throwing punches? Floyd’s been doing this since he was a baby. Conor McGregor’s first professional fight and he’s gonna beat Floyd Mayweather? It’s absurd.

The following montage was posted on Reddit Boxing recently highlighting how those with an established name in the boxing realm are all singing from the same inconvenient hymn sheet when it comes to Mayweather vs McGregor.

Check out the so called ‘truth’ about the billion dollar fight below…

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