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Twitter Rages At One Particular Judge As Golovkin – Alvarez Ends In Controversial Draw

Gennady Golovkin vs. Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez – the fight – lived up to the hype that preceded it. Unfortunately, the scorecards ensured that boxing also lived up to a rather dirty reputation it has long held, especially among more casual fans – a reputation for producing regular confusion, controversy and baffling decisions in big fights, to the point that many suspect corruption at every turn.

The middleweight melee at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas began the way most expected it would, with Golovkin moving forward, stalking his potential prey, and Alvarez giving ground while looking for opportunities to counter. Golovkin struggled to find his range in the opening round and was often made to miss by wide margins. Alvarez, meanwhile, did some eye-catching work, especially towards the close of the session. Though many gave Golovkin the first, the Kazakh shook his head in seeming frustration at the bell.

In the second and third, Alvarez had success with a consistent body attack – something that was severely lacking from the offence of ‘GGG.’ The 27-year-old also landed with some nice counter uppercuts and let loose with the occasional flurry as Golovkin continued to look ponderous.

In the fourth, however, Golovkin started to touch Alvarez with greater regularity. In the fifth, he landed with a big right hand as ‘Canelo’ backed into the ropes but the Mexican took it very well, shaking his head and beckoning his foe in. Alvarez wanted to lure Golovkin onto counters but the former world amateur champion didn’t bite. Alvarez eventually exploded off the ropes with a combination but he couldn’t sway the round in his favour.

The fight had settled into it’s pattern – a predictable one, perhaps – with Golovkin applying incessant pressure, dictating the pace and pushing Alvarez around the ring, and ‘Canelo’ landing the more memorable combinations but failing to sustain an advantage.

By the seventh, ‘Canelo’ looked to be tiring in the face of the ceaseless attack of Golovkin – a man eight years his senior – and he did little but try to evade Golovkin for three minutes.

At the beginning of ninth, after two clear Golovkin rounds, Alvarez took a stand and opened up a little. This sparked a vicious exchange. A looping left hook from Golovkin was the shot of the skirmish and Alvarez was forced to give ground again. A few seconds later, Alvarez detonated a massive right on Golovkin’s jaw but the adamantium-chinned ‘GGG’ was, unfathomably, completely unperturbed.

‘Canelo’ threw the proverbial kitchen sink at Golovkin in the opening minute or so of the following stanza, but he just couldn’t make a dent in the marauding puncher and was once again forced to wearily retreat. Still, the furious fusillade was probably enough to earn him ten points.

Alvarez looked refreshed in the eleventh, which was a tough one to score. The ginger Pay-per-view star once again did some memorable work but ‘GGG’ brought the intensity. ‘Canelo’ did take the final round, however.

In the end, most seemed to favour Golovkin’s tenacious pressure and work-rate over the cleaner, flashier but less consistent work of Alvarez. The BoxNation commentary team seemed to have Golovkin winning the fight by several points, while HBO’s Harold Lederman had it 116-112 in favour of the Kazakh.

Two of the three scoring judges saw things very differently, however.

While Dave Moretti had it 115-113 for ‘GGG’, judge Don Trella had it 114-114 and Adalaide Byrd scored it an unconscionable 118-110 for Alvarez. The fight was thus declared a draw.

Unforunately but predictably, it was Byrd’s card that garnered the strongest reaction on Twitter, stealing thunder from a genuine classic.

Amazingly, despite even Alvarez’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya slating Byrd’s card, Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Bob Bennett claimed at the post-fight press conference that he continues to have “full confidence” in the veteran judge.

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Author: The PA Team

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