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The Brick Fists of US Heavyweight hope Deontay Wilder back in action

US Heavyweight destroyer Deontay Wilder looks to continue his trail of obliteration when he returns to action this weekend against Siarhei Liakhovich.

Moving to California this weekend US heavyweight skull crusher Deontay Wilder takes on the tough Belarusian Siarhei Liakhovich at the Fantasy Springs Casino. It will be Wilder’s first outing since demolishing Audley Harrison inside one round back in April.

Since then he has gone through a bit of a tough time outside the ring with various legal wranglings to contend with, with a potential fight in the UK due to take place against Derek Chisora shelved due to potential travel Visa issues.

However this weekend he takes on a man who by all accounts he should comprehensively beat, to be brutally honest. That’s not taking anything away from Liakhovich but the form guide is certainly with Wilder. Youth, punching power and physical advantages are all stacked in the American’s favour.

Wilder comes into the fight with a bone chilling record of 28-0, with all his fights won incredibly by him rendering his opponents unconscious inside four rounds. The main questions surrounding the man from Alabama known as ‘The Bronze Bomber’ relate to the caliber of opposition he has faced thus far. This has also brought light to many questioning has his chin been tested? For me, you can only beat what is put in front of you, and to this point Deontay Wilder has not only done that, he has done it in style.

Many people also forget that he has a fantastic amateur pedigree having received a bronze medal for his country at the 2008 Bejjing Olympics. Stylistically sure he does look a little rough around the edges at the moment and maybe ironically ‘wild’ in some of his punches. However, this is to be expected. After all he’s only been a pro since late 2008, and as we all know heavyweights always take time to mature.

At the age of 28 Deontay Wilder has positioned himself nicely onto the world heavyweight stage and amassed decent rankings with most of the governing bodies within the sport. I can see why they are taking their time with progressing his career. You only have to look at another Olympic medalist, David Price,and his recent defeats to see why. Sometimes fighters can get brought along too quick. In the case of heavyweights they really need to be brought along right and given steady increases in the difficulty of their opposition at the correct times when they are learning their trade.

With Deontay Wilder you have a man who is now physically coming into his prime and thus far has used his physical attributes to quite simply cut through his vanquished foes like a chainsaw cutting through soft carcases. He has yet to even see what its like to go past four rounds inside a professional boxing ring.

Will Saturday be any different? I wouldn’t have thought so. But then again anything can happen in the heavyweights, where one punch can end it all. Wilder is coming off a couple of frustrating months outside the ring and perhaps this may have had an adverse effect on his mental preparations ahead of the fight. Maybe Siarhei Liakhovich will be banking on this.

Although the man from Belarus is a rugged operator and a tough fighter no doubt, he is coming off four defeats from his last six contests in recent years and at 37 is a man on the way down in terms of his pro boxing career. Realistically he could turn out to be like the rest of Deontay’s previous opponents –  canon fodder.

Prediction – Deontay Wilder KO win between rounds 1-3.

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