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Nigel Benn Tells Crazy Stories About Sparring With His Son

Like his old foe Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn has taken a very active role in touting and promoting the skills of his son.

In his zeal to do so, however, Benn may have counted himself out of the running for father of the year honours.

Conor Benn has yet to make his professional debut, but he has declared his intentions to enter the paid ranks in the near future following a relatively short stint in the amateurs. Despite the fact that the younger Benn is still in the embryonic stages of his career, his father believes he has the tools to go all the way.

Speaking to Sky Sports recently, the former middleweight and super-middleweight titleholder stated “He’s going to be quality and when he’s world champion, he said he’ll buy me a Bugatti”.

Why such confidence?

Well, because Nigel has sampled his offspring’s abilities first hand.

According to the ex-fighter, who remains in fantastic shape, the pair have sparred in the past and neither held anything back out of respect for their familial ties.

“He must have been 15,” started Benn. “I said: ‘Come on son, let’s go in the garage and I’ll film your jab.’ He said he wanted to add the right hand in. I went ‘bang’ and hit him straight away, busted up his nose and chipped his tooth. He’d just had an argument with his girlfriend and came in with the wrong attitude”.

“Now, down the road, he went: ‘Let’s have a spar Dad.’ His Mum went: ‘No. Dad will hurt you.’ The day before he was leaving, we went down the gym and we looked at each other and said: ‘Yeah. It’s that time isn’t it?’ I wanted to rip his head off. I’m not playing around. I don’t care you’re my son – if you get hurt that’s your business. You wanted a spar”.

“It was an unbelievable four rounds. I’ve got it on tape and when he becomes world champion, I’ll show it. I threw the kitchen sink at him. I threw the lot. Do you know what he did? He threw it back at me! He threw it back and straightened my legs. The cheek! How can you do that to your Dad?!”

“He can fight but he can box. I was throwing a punch and it was like The Matrix, he looked at it going past his head and was like: ‘Dad, that’s so slow.’ He just drilled me and it was just so funny. I loved him for that and I started crying afterwards”.

“He can have it. He can fight. I’m 20kg heavier than him and he stood his ground with me. He made me look old. I wanted to knock his lights out but he said: ‘You ain’t doing that to me no more, mate.’ We laughed, hugged. I cried, he laughed… Ha”.

Other than Nigel’s word, the public has very little information on which to base a judgement of the 19-year-old’s prospects as a professional. Some sparring footage available on YouTube does suggest that the youngster has talent. A recent video published on the Boxing Guru Facebook page that shows Benn sparring with gritty, experienced and exciting British pro Tyler Goodjohn also indicates that he has serious potential.

Today we captured 4 rounds of solid sparring between Conor Benn and El Tornado Tyler Goodjohn. It was a pleasure watching these guys in the gym today. #BOXINGGURU

Posted by Boxing Guru on Friday, February 19, 2016

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