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Pic: Walls Of McGregor’s Gym Now Adorned With Mural Of Mayweather Eating ‘That Left-Hand Shot’

Conor McGregor has spoken in the past about the power of visualization, something that is an important part of his belief in the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’.

As he stood, fully in control of the dais, at the UFC 194 post-fight press conference, moments after he had starched Jose Aldo in just 13-seconds, McGregor listened on proudly as MMA analyst Robin Black read aloud an eerily accurate prediction that the Irishman had made earlier in the week. Once Black had finished, he asked McGregor, “How do you do that?”

“If you can see it here,” said McGregor, pointing to his head in the process. “And you have the courage enough to speak it, it will happen. I see these shots, I see these sequences and I don’t shy away from them. A lot of times people believe in certain things, but they keep to themselves, they don’t put it out there. If you truly believe it, if you become vocal with it, you are creating that ‘Law of Attraction’ and it will become reality.”

McGregor knocking Aldo stiff in the blink of an eye was one of the most dramatic and shocking things that has ever happened in the sport of MMA, but on August 26th the SBG fighter will have the opportunity to produce the sort of drama that has never been seen in sport. Period.

But as hard as it may be for the rest of us to imagine McGregor knocking out Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the pair’s upcoming boxing match, it should be no trouble for Conor to visualize it. Not just because he has had the practice or because he has a level of self-belief that is unfathomable to the average person, but because there is a bloody big mural of ‘The Notorious’ one feeding Mayweather a fist painted on the wall of his gym. McGregor is going to see a picture of himself landing “that left-hand shot” on Floyd every time he steps in to train for the next two months.

McGregor unveiled the mural in typical McGregor fashion via Twitter on Monday night, posting a picture of himself standing in the ring, with the mural visible in the background, and the tagline “I am a filthy Irish animal”.

The mural was also visible in a subsequent Instagram post.

Tunnel vision

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

The gap between visualization and execution has never been wider for McGregor, though.

On a side note; a couple of months back, whilst in Australia, McGregor’s longtime coach John Kavanagh revealed plans to set up a “secret dojo” if the Mayweather fight was signed.

“We have a ‘secret dojo’ set up with a championship-level boxing ring that will exactly mirror the situation when it happens,” he said. “Where my gym is, the guy who owns my gym, owns the entire estate, and there’s a building — I’m kinda giving away a secret here — there’s a building at the back and he’s just going to give it to me until the fight is on. So we’re getting that kitted out.”

It’s unclear whether these pictures were taken at the news premises or at SBG Concorde, but the layout does look a bit different than what is the norm at the MMA facility on the Naas Road.

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Author: The PA Team

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