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Mayweather The Misogynist – The Story Nobody Wants to Write

Yesterday Floyd Mayweather Junior was stripped of his WBO World Title for declining to pay the $200,000 sanctioning fee levied against him for holding belts in multiple weight classes.

It is wonderfully ironic that Mayweather’s love of money has come back to bite him. By failing to pay what is for him a tiny amount of cash, he has ended up forfeiting his hard-earned world title. I would argue that Mayweather should have been stripped of his title years ago, the WBO, WBA and WBC have for too long conveniently ignored Floyd’s despicable history of battering women.

Mayweather was allowed to hold these titles, and make huge profits off the prestige that goes with holding them, while facing no punishment from the boxing authorities. For Mayweather to lose his title on a technicality, (failing to pay a fine, which to Floyd amounts to nothing more than loose change) makes me angry. Angry for the women who have suffered at the hands of this misogynist. Angry at all the corporate boxing  people who have allowed him to remain champion of the world, as the list of his transgressions grew longer and longer.

Angry at the Nevada judicial system for not imposing a harsh enough sentence on Mayweather, when there was sufficient evidence to put him behind bars for years.

How can the WBO justify ignoring Mayweather’s disgraceful past? The truth is they cannot, the reason Mayweather was allowed to retain his title while the evidence of crimes against women mounted against him is quite simple. The man known as “Money” made the WBO very wealthy. Now that it has become clear that Mayweather’s retirement is imminent, the WBO no longer have a need to protect him.

For any readers who may be unaware of Floyd’s history of crimes outside the ring, read on. Mainstream media have largely ignored Mayweather’s history of misogyny, which extends over a dozen years and includes at least seven separate physical assaults on five different women that resulted in arrest or citation, as well as several other instances where the police had to be summoned in response to an actual or perceived threat from Mayweather.

The Serial Abuser

This story begins in 2001. In the build up to one of the biggest fights of Mayweather’s career against Diego “Chico” Corrales, it emerged that Corrales was facing jail time for violence against his own wife. Mayweather latched onto this, and became a champion for women’s rights, dedicating his performance to “all the battered women in the world” and even entered the ring to music bashing violence against women. This was simply a ploy to get under Corrales’ skin, it worked, Corrales often appeared distracted in that fight, and Mayweather won comfortably.

However, just one month later Mayweather would find himself embroiled in an ugly incident with Melissa Brim, the mother of Mayweather’s daughter, Ayanna, over child support. Brim went to the police and claimed Mayweather struck her in the face with a car door, pushed her into the car, and then proceeded to repeatedly punch her. Ball burst for Mayweather as far as being champion for women’s rights.

Just 5 months later Mayweather confronted Brim in a shopping centre in Las Vegas. Ayanna was with her mother at the time,  Floyd instructed a member of his entourage to take her away from Brim, Mayweather then punched Brim in the neck and then fled the scene before police could arrive.

In the ensuing court case Mayweather plead guilty to 1 count of assault against Brim’s father, and 2 counts of domestic abuse against Melissa Brim. In exchange for his guilty plea, charges of stalking, violating a protective order, and attempted obstruction of a police officer were dropped.

Mayweather would not remain out of trouble for long. In 2003, he and some associates were partying in Ra night club in Vegas when he bumped into Herneatha McGill and Karra Blackburn  who were friends of Josie Harris, the mother of three of Mayweather’s children. Here is how the Las Vegas Sun reported what happened next.

McGill said as Mayweather got closer she read his lips and he was saying he, Summers and the unidentified third man should go hurt her and Blackburn. Before the women could get away, McGill testified, Mayweather punched her in the jaw and Blackburn in the head.

McGill said she was trying to get away when Mayweather hit her.

“I fell to the ground,” McGill said, “and Karra tried to help, and as she was, Mr. Mayweather hit her as well. After she was hit I helped her up and we ran out of the club.”

Their crime according to McGill was that Mayweather did not approve of them being friends with Josie Harris. Sixteen days later, McGill and Blackburn chose to pursue charges against Mayweather, and, in June 2004, Mayweather was found guilty of two counts of battery. He (again) received a suspended sentence and was ordered to complete “impulse control” counseling. The guilty verdict was later vacated in 2005 and the charges were “dismissed per negotiations” in July 2008.

Unfortunately, the impulse counseling did not have the desired effect, only 4 months after the Ra incident Mayweather and Harris were sat in Mayweather Bentley outside a nightclub. Both parties agree that a row erupted when Harris questioned Mayweather about his relations with another woman. According to statements Harris made to the police that evening, Mayweather responded by repeatedly punching and kicking Harris in the car and then dragging her out of the car by her hair, causing a facial laceration.

By the time the trial rolled around in July 2005 Harris backtracked and changed her testimony. She claimed that she instigated the fight because she was jealous of the other woman, and that, while Floyd had indeed dragged her from his car, causing her facial wound, it was only because she was out of control. Harris testified that she’d lied to police about any punching and kicking, going so far as to claim that Mayweather would never hit her, because he’s “like a teddy bear inside.” Mayweather was acquitted.

The Tipping Point

It is hard to imagine, but these disgraceful acts went largely unreported at the time. The tide went out for Floyd however in September 2010. By this point Harris and Mayweather were no longer an item, Mayweather was dating  Shantel “Miss” Jackson, while Harris was in a relationship with then Bull’s point guard C.J Watson.


Mayweather permitted Harris and their children to live in one of his properties, while he lived across town with Miss Jackson. On Sept. 9th, Harris returned home from a night of bowling to find her ex sitting in her living room and talking to their children at 2.30 a.m. An argument predictably ensued, Harris immediately called the police and when they arrived she explained that no assault had taken place but that she wanted “Money” off the premises. Mayweather, instead, insisted that he wanted to evict Harris from the house. Ultimately, Mayweather agreed to leave.

It is here that the story becomes tough to write, and I imagine tough to read. Mayweather returned to the house at 5 a.m, and was let into the premises by one of his kids.  Harris was asleep on her living room couch when she was jarred awake by the sound of Mayweather screaming at her about texts he had found from Watson on her cell phone.

“Are you having sex with C.J.?” Mayweather yelled at Harris, according to the arrest report.

“Yes, that is who I am seeing now,” she replied.

Mayweather screamed  ‘Who is C.J. Watson, C.J. Watson the basketball player?’ “. “From there it was just … bad. I was powerless. He was holding me down. I couldn’t fight back. The kids were screaming and crying, ‘You’re hurting my Mom.’ “

At one point, Mayweather yelled, “I’m going to kill you and the man you are messing around with,” Harris told police. “I’m going to have you both disappear.”

While being held down on her living room floor Harris screamed for her children Koraun and Zion, aged 10 and 9, to call the police. Mayweather then according to Harris’ police report turned to the children and yelled that he would “beat their asses if they left the house or called the police.”  Koraun tried to run up the stairs, but Mayweather’s associate blocked his path. Eventually, he was able to make it outside, and the police were summoned. Koraun related to the police he had witnessed his father punching and kicking his mother while she lay on the ground.

The results of this beating were savage. The doctor’s report found bruises, contusions, and a concussion from the blows that Harris sustained to the back of her head. In her interview with Yahoo, Harris speculated that Mayweather punched her in the back of her head specifically to avoid producing a visible bruise. However all boxing fans will know that the back of the head “rabbit punch” is a hugely dangerous punch and is banned in both boxing and the UFC.

Mayweather was charged with a host of felony offenses ranging from beating Harris to threatening his children. If Mayweather was convicted on all charges he was facing up to 34 years in a prison cell. Mayweather plead guilty to misdemeanour domestic violence and harassment charges, for which he received a 3 month jail sentence in December 2011. This was inconvenient for many people however, as Mayweather had already signed up to defend his title against Miguel Cotto on Cinco de Mayo in Vegas on May 5th.

I have criticised the WBO in this article, and I will now criticise the Nevada judicial system. In early 2012 Mayweather’s lawyer Richard Wright tried to appeal to the judges good nature and allow Mayweather to fight de Mayo before beginning his stint behind bars. Mayweather’s including rap star Lil’ Kim and R&B artist Ray J supporters packed the court.

Wright said Mayweather was not trying to avoid the sentence, and emphasized the potential economic benefit of attracting fight fans and hotel guests to Las Vegas for a Mayweather fight. The lawyer estimated that Mayweather’s last seven fights in Las Vegas generated a combined $1 billion in business to the community. He projected the economic boost from a May 5 fight at more than $100 million.

This is simply a delay because of prior commitments and contracts,” Wright said.

“Mr. Mayweather has an obligation to this court,” the judge responded. But “given the fact that Mr. Mayweather has these obligations, I am going to grant your request.”

Prosecutor Lisa Luzaich protested that Mayweather should have to serve his sentence “just like anyone else.”

The result? Need you really ask, the court found in favour of Mayweather once again, and he was free to collect his multi-million dollar check for fighting de Mayo. Mayweather beat Cotto comfortably and then headed off to prison, where he served less than 6o days before being released on good behaviour.

I have merely presented you with the facts, you can make up your mind about whether you believe that Mayweather should have had his titles taken away years ago. Mayweather is the most high profile boxer of the last 20 years, his talent is unquestionable, he is the pound for pound king, and his 48-0 record speaks for itself. Every coach who teaches children how to box could hold up Mayweather as the shining of example of the perfect boxer. He selects his punches meticulously, and never gets hit. However Mayweather puts every trainer in a tough position, yeah he is a genius inside the ring, but his actions outside the ring mean he should never be an idol for kids to look up to.

“No Pictures”

Some people will scream at their laptop screens when they read this, and comment under  that Mayweather has served his time, admitted his wrong-doings and does not deserve any further punishment. To those people, I say look at how Mayweather has responded whenever a journalist had the cojones to ask him about his murky past.


To Rachel Nichols:

To Katie Couric:“Did I kick, stomp and beat someone? No, that didn’t happen. I look in your face and say, ‘No, that didn’t happen.’”

To Stephen A. Smith: “If I really did what they say I did, as far as beating a woman or stomping a woman, I’m Floyd Mayweather, they would have brought pictures out instantly. Still no pictures. No nothing.”

Mayweather has not owned up to his actions and instead is hiding behind the line line that because no pictures have been produced in the media, it did not happen. Except there were pictures, and these pictures were used in court cases against Floyd. The problem is you need a judge to unlock the pictures, Rachel Nicholls did some digging on this and filed 11 motions for all 11 justice court files that involved charges of violence or harassment and Mayweather, to try and unlock some pictures. After being sent around in circles, she eventually was told that the images would not be released.

So yeah Floyd, there are no pictures, pity nobody believes you.


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