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Gennady Golovkin’s Trainer Believes Billy Joe Saunders Would Give Canelo Alvarez Fits

When the news broke a few weeks back that Gennady Golovkin and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez had verbally agreed to fight sometime in September of next year, boxing fans everywhere let out exasperated sighs.

Best case scenario, this meant that they would have to endure a lengthy wait for the sport’s most mouth-watering match-up.

Some pessimists even suggested that the agreement was merely a ploy from Alvarez’s team to quell public pressure, allowing them to more quietly avoid the fight at a later date. While others simply acknowledged the fact that a lot can happen between in the interim to dilute the significance of the bout – like one fighter incurring a loss.

Golovkin’s coach told Boxing Scene recently that he believes the latter scenario is a real prospect, for Alvarez of course, especially if speculation that the Mexican star is headed toward a contest with middleweight titleholder Billy Joe Saunders proves true.

“I think Billy Joe Saunders’ style will give Canelo fits, because Canelo needs to plant to throw a punch,” said Abel Sanchez. “Canelo cannot be mobile when he is punching. Saunders is going to box you, move on you, give you different angles. And he proved against Andy Lee that he can take a shot. Andy Lee hit him with some good shots and Andy Lee can punch”.

“If Canelo cannot get his punches off and Saunders frustrates him, and then Saunders wins – it will not be because of size, it’s because the other guy has more ability”.

“And what happens after that? Now the fight that everybody wants to see is tarnished. If Billy Joe Saunders beats Canelo, do you really think he is going to come close to Golovkin? Heck no”.

Suggestions that Saunders and Alvarez could soon meet became rife after the Englishman announced a few days ago that he would compete on September 17th.

This is the same day that Canelo is scheduled to fight Saunders’ countryman and promotional stablemate Liam Smith. Given that he has the same promoter as Smith, it seems likely that ‘BJS’ will feature on the Vegas undercard, and some feel that this hints at future plans.

Saunders’ opponent has yet to be named.

While Canelo faces Smith next, it was announced last week that Golovkin will face Kell Brook on September 10th in London. This came as a huge surprise to both fans and the media for several reasons. Firstly, because it seemed as though Chris Eubank Jr. was on the verge of signing to fight the feared middleweight puncher and, secondly, because Brook is a career welterweight.

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