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Froch v Groves II – The Smaller Margins

The fine margins that establish success or defeat on any single occasion are often referred to in the build-up to an important event. Elite sport is as much about preparing yourself mentally as it is physically. This Saturday night in Wembley Stadium, Carl Froch and George Groves will once again do battle in a tie that has gripped every fan of the boxing world.

Up until now, each man has stood on stage shaping their own sense of propaganda, fostering any minute advantage of each other, often becoming an arena for public slating  and a promise of shattered dreams on May 31st .

Amid the exposure of these two men over the last six weeks, a more transparent facet to Carl Froch, and indeed George Groves has evolved. The egotistic Froch, a hardcore warrior from Nottingham describes this weeks fight as “what the British people want to see”.

Referring to their last fight which was stopped prematurely, Froch’s fondness of his abilities to cast doubt in the mind of Groves is quite compelling to watch. The boy from London has materialized into a hub of focus; the intelligence centre for the biggest fight of his career, possibly one will win. If boxing matches were won on smug conversation it would be pointless George Groves turning up on Saturday.

Despite Froch’s conviction in his destiny it may indicate a man slightly agitated over the rematch. If Groves wins, Carl Froch ends up looking like the playground bully who cried wolf too often at break time. Win and he is safe from the backlash from those who less adore the Froch way of communication.

Arguably the most important detail for both men is the processing of information shared between the two up until now. The impact of their public knocks on each other is unclear, though it is understandable both men having to expand their words of war in order to gain a perceived advantage.

Strip away the animation of press conferences, public engagements and showmanship, mostly from Carl Froch, and we are presented with two men who are as fearful of each other but understandably will never admit it.

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of this weeks events leading up to the fight. Both men have been summoned to pre-fight duties, an obligation to fight promoters for Groves and Froch to publically display the dislike of one another. The first fight showed there was little between Groves and Froch in terms of technical ability and movement.

By 21:45 on Saturday night when each man enters under the Wembley Arch the psychology and mental state will be the single most influential factor in the fight. Egos may swell to mammoth portions; however it is the four inches between the ears that will determine a winner on Saturday.

Brian Darcy, Pundit Arena.

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