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Frampton Vs Quigg: Eddie Hearn Proposes Two-Fight, Two-Site Deal

Eddie Hearn today told Sky Sports that for he and Scott Quigg “fighting (Carl) Frampton remains our favourite option”.

Backing up those words, Hearn proposed that the fighters enter into a two-fight, two site deal. “One in November in Manchester, and one in Belfast in the spring or summer”, suggested the Matchroom Sports director.

It is a proposal that at least attempts to solve the problem regarding where the fight would be held.

In addition to this suggestion, Hearn stated that the original financial offer he made to Frampton earlier this year also stood. “That offer is still on the table, there was no time-frame”, said Hearn of the £1.5million he previously dangled in front of the Belfast man.

Publicly at least, Hearn seems to be the only one trying to make this fight happen.

On the opposite side Barry McGuigan, Frampton’s manager, has maintained that his fighter is the one holding all the cards and has remained defiant in the face of any criticism leveled at him for blocking the match-up. The reality, however, is that the constantly changing nature of boxing opinion has led to a drop in the value of his man’s stock, while Quigg’s has risen substantially in the wake of his recent performance.

According to Hearn, Frampton’s handlers refuse to accept any such thing.

“From my conversations with them, Frampton and his team won’t acknowledge that Scott’s stock has risen considerably. However, if they did, it’s a fight that could happen immediately”, asserted Hearn.

The English promoter then summed up the situation perfectly, saying “It’s going to take someone to swallow their pride for this fight to happen”. This is the crux of the problem.

As is the case in so many boxing negotiation tales, it seems as though there are too many ego’s and too many strong willed (aka stubborn) characters involved.

Hearn said, that if Frampton’s people don’t return to the table in response to his latest gesture, he has other options. “We’re in deep negotiations with Nonito Donaire”, stated the smooth talking Londoner.

A bout with the former pound for pound rated Filipino is a huge fight in it’s own right, and an excellent back-up option for the Quigg camp.

Hopefully, it is a “plan-b” that wont be needed, however.

The recent leveling of Frampton and Quigg’s positions in the division should bring about a more even playing field for negotiations to take place within, regardless of the pride involved. In this new environment, if everybody is reasonable, there is no excuse for not getting the huge super-bantamweight showdown done.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it will happen, this is boxing after all!

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Author: The PA Team

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