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Floyd Mayweather: Manny Pacquiao Is “Piggybacking My Name” To Sell His Next Fight

Floyd Mayweather has shot down Manny Pacquiao’s claims that the pair are in talks for a sequel to their massive May bout, and accused the Filipino icon of “piggybacking” his name to sell Pay-per-views.

In early October an Agence France Presse reporter claimed that Manny Pacquiao had spoken of negotiations that were supposedly ongoing between his team and Floyd Mayweather’s. However shortly after that story broke, Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, told Yahoo Sports that he knew nothing of these talks. Instead he suggested that the language barrier between Manny and his interviewer had led to a misrepresentation of the facts. According to The Ring, Pacquiao later denied the claims as well.

Nevertheless rumours continued to swirl.

Then on October 26th, Pacquiao once again fanned the flames of speculation by posting a video to Facebook in which he stated that the camps were speaking about a possible return bout.

This time Floyd Mayweather himself has stepped forward to contradict Manny’s story. According to Ben Thompson of FightHype, Mayweather has strongly denied that there has been any correspondence between the parties in this regard.

“It’s all bullsh*t. What they’re doing is this, once again, piggybacking off my name to sell pay-per-view numbers when he do go out there and fight again”.

Pacquiao is expected to return to action on April 9th, but an opponent has yet to be decided. His aforementioned promoter, Arum, told ESPN last week that the two leading candidates were Amir Khan and Terence Crawford.

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